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Whistleblower Digital Version - May 2021

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About this month's issue: WHISTLEBLOWER – May 2021

MERCHANTS OF FEAR: How Democrats are weaponizing anxiety, panic and terror to transform America

Question: What do each of the following problems, which together are currently crushing the United States of America and her people, have in common?

* The COVID-19 pandemic and its arbitrary and contradictory lockdown, mask and “social distancing” mandates, plus the relentless campaign to force everyone to be vaccinated with an experimental drug even if they’re young, healthy and face very little risk from the virus, or have already recovered from COVID and possess superior natural immunity;

* “Climate change,” which according to America’s ruling elite, threatens the very existence of life on earth unless a radical new global “reset” is implemented immediately. It also serves as a pretext for the Biden administration’s sabotage of America’s energy independence and destruction of thousands of high-paying energy jobs, as well as astronomically expensive “Green New Deal” programs and indoctrinating millions of school children with scary predictions of near-term death;

* The elites’ indictment of America as irredeemably racist, which justifies and encourages Marxist revolutionary groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa to perpetrate an ongoing campaign of intimidation, violence, arson, vandalism, monument-destruction, looting, assault and murder in cities throughout the country. These same groups also deploy menacing mobs to the homes of politicians, journalists and others with whom they disagree – spray-painting curses and shouting threats at the home’s occupants.

* The vilification of federal, state and local law enforcement as “systemically racist” and the actual “defunding” of police departments, resulting in an immediate and totally predictable rise in violent crime. At the same time, George Soros-funded far-left district attorneys around the nation are releasing violent criminals from prison into the general population;

* “Cancel culture,” which revels in the rampant firing, doxing, boycotting, humiliating and “canceling” of innocent people – often destroying their lives – solely for expressing opinions contrary to the unhinged and destructive views of the “woke” left;

* Big Tech monopolies including Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter daily banning, censoring, de-monetizing and otherwise suppressing conservative, Christian and pro-life views. The fact that they could permanently ban a sitting American president and leader of the free world, which they did with impunity, proves they can ban literally any person, entity or expression at any time for any reason or no reason – amounting to complete totalitarian control of America’s most prized constitutional right, the freedom of speech;

* The demonization of conservatives and Trump supporters as “violent extremists” and “domestic terrorists” and the construction of a seven-foot-tall metal fence topped with razor wire around the U.S. Capitol, along with the deployment of thousands of armed soldiers to protect Democratic politicians from an unseen and nonexistent enemy.

What unites every one of these – and many other – current assaults on the minds, livelihoods, families, freedoms and happiness of Americans can be summarized in a single word:


The Biden administration, which, behind the tightly managed daily puppet show consists of a group of far-left radicals feverishly working to transform America into an obedient and subservient socialist state, rules through fear.

Totally unable to deal with any actual challenges to America, the current administration is subjugating citizens of the freest nation on earth by using the same methods totalitarians and tyrants have always used to dominate a society: Deliberately instilling into the people mortal fear and hatred toward nonexistent or exaggerated threats – and toward one another.

As bestselling author and national radio talker Dennis Prager sums it up, “The dominant force in America is fear of the left.”

But help is on the way. The May issue of WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine exposes the many fear campaigns currently being deployed against Americans, as well as key strategies and insights for countering them.

The issue is titled “MERCHANTS OF FEAR: How Democrats are weaponizing anxiety, panic and terror to transform America.”

Highlights of “MERCHANTS OF FEAR” include:

* “No fear: Confronting and neutralizing the left’s No. 1 weapon” by David Kupelian

* “Biden continually perpetuates a ‘climate of fear’” by David Limbaugh, who shows how Democrats are embracing a primary Obama-era strategy: Never let a crisis go to waste

* “CNN staffer on hidden camera: We’re focusing on climate change because ‘fear sells’” by Art Moore

* “Fear of the left: The most powerful force in America today” by Dennis Prager, on how today’s “reign of ideological terror” is keeping conservatives quiet and afraid

* “'If you don't want your dose' of Kavanaugh treatment’ … Rush Limbaugh’s prescient warning about Supreme 'intimidation'

* “Biden: White supremacists are America's 'most lethal terrorist threat'” by Art Moore, in which the president insists, “We won't ignore what our intelligence agencies have determined”

* “'What scares me': Ex-ICE chief frets over real terrorists who crossed the border” by Mary Rose Corkery

* “A nation governed by fear: From vote fraud to race riots to COVID to transgenderism, today’s America is ruled by intimidation and suppression” by Laura Hollis

* “Lynch mob lawyer: The bigger the riots, the bigger the payout” by Daniel Greenfield

* “Using COVID fear to divide and rule” by Marilyn Singleton, M.D., on how politicians see the coronavirus not as an enemy, but an ally

* “How many people has the American medical establishment killed?” by Dennis Prager, who indicts it for being “committed to irrationality, fear, making fortunes from pharmaceutical companies and keeping Americans from a normal life”

* “Rand Paul: Mask mandates are 'all about submission'” by Jack Davis

* “'Fear is being used to control you': Major protest rips masks, vaccines” by Joe Kovacs

* “Resistance begins: States are banning Marxist critical race theory in public schools” by Art Moore

* “Don't fear: God moves in the chaos” by Greg Laurie, who says: “Although the disciples lost sight of Jesus, he never lost sight of them”

* “Is free speech important?” by Erwin W. Lutzer, who exhorts Christians, “Fear God more than the flames.”

“Since January," observes Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, "Team Biden has done its very best to keep Americans in a constant state of fear and confusion. In the name of ‘fighting COVID’ or ‘COVID relief,’ for example, the Biden administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress are pushing astronomical spending bills, Democrat-socialist wish lists, and a never-ending stream of perverse, reckless, revolutionary, unconstitutional, corrupt and just plain stupid initiatives – all by invoking the fear-inducing magic word, ‘COVID!’ This issue of Whistleblower blows the lid off their fear campaign.”

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