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Crushing the Collective: The Last Chance to Keep America Free and Self-Governing (Hardcover)

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by Charles W. Sasser

Product Description

The American way—independence, entrepreneurialism, liberty—has been under assault for decades. The cultural foundations of the United States and its institutions are devolving along the line of some futuristic apocalyptic novel and producing social, moral, and economic dry rot that can lead only to chaos and ruin.

Attacks on individuality, freedom and personal responsibility for most of the last century have resulted, as Alexis de Tocqueville once predicted, in a gradual degradation of the people and the descent into slavery of once-free people.

Crushing the Collective illuminates the very real dangers of the socialistic mind-set that is currently threatening Americans’ freedoms and the very existence of our great nation. As Benjamin Franklin said, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.” Therefore, we must know the destructive history of nations drawn into the collectivist deceit, or we will be doomed to follow their same paths.

In Crushing the Collective author Charles Sasser explores the various collectivization philosophies, processes, and movements that have destroyed individual freedom in their drive toward the collective utopian state. In collectivist nations like Cuba, Russia, China, and North Korea the dependence came by tyrannical force. Even the path of “soft socialism” that progresses stealthily toward greater and greater government control is inevitably a slippery slope to ultimate destruction. During Rome’s final days people were so distracted by social decadence, hedonism, materialism, corruption, and rejection of basic truths that they failed to notice their rights and liberties were being dismantled. No one remembered and stood up for their foundational values. Rome suffered from excess which led to laziness which led to tyranny. Americans today are buying into the same mind-set as evidenced by twice electing to the presidency Barack Obama, a leader who believed the people were too selfish, greedy, and reckless to make economic decisions for themselves.

Scottish professor Alexander Tyler describes an endless cycle societies undergo, from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to great courage, from great courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependency, and from dependency back to bondage. As a historian, Charles Sasser makes the case in Crushing the Collective that America is in the dependency stage and that we are witnessing and living through what can only be the political, cultural and economic decline of the United States and the fall of Western Civilization.

And yet though America has been cut to the core, the liberty tree has not yet collapsed. Crushing the Collective is in the end a powerful wake-up call for free people of character, conviction, and courage to stand up against the collective madness and together, restore America as the beacon of freedom it once was, and must be again.

About the Author

Charles W. Sasser is a historian, journalist, photographer and author of more than sixty books and three thousand articles appearing in publications from Parentsand Guideposts to Soldier of Fortune and WWII History. A twenty-nine-year veteran, Sasser served thirteen of those as a Green Beret. A former police officer, Sasser has taught history, creative writing, and criminal justice for nearly forty years. He was the director of criminal justice at American Christian College. Sasser lives outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Product Details

  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: WND Books (September 12, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • Dimension: 6 x 9 inches
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-944229-70-2



Chuck Sasser’s a good friend of mine. He’s been a knight for his country in the blood, sweat, tears and mud of our wars, did the entire police beat with all his heart to make Tulsa a better place to live and he’s taken far more chances on his life than I ever dared, but he has a message you must hear—you need to read every word, if not we may lose all our last liberties and they are more than threatened. . . trust his answers so we all have a united tomorrow

—Dusty Richards, a western author

  * * *

Few Americans today understand the evils of Communism, Socialism, Marxism and other “isms” that are the enemy of freedom and a clear and present danger to our liberties as Americans. Since 1963 when atheist Madalyn Murray O’hare sued our educational institutions to remove God from our classrooms, America has gone down hill. Collectivism is based on what Mr. Spock said in the TV series Star Trek “The good of the many outweighs the good of the few.” Author Charles W. Sasser has brought forth exactly what Collectivism is and where it came from and who is responsible. In Crushing the Collective he has produced a masterpiece that exposes what Collectivism and all its “sub-isms” have done to our once great country. It should be required reading in every classroom and by every politician and bureaucrat.

—Craig Roberts, author of The Medusa File: Crimes and Coverups of the U.S. Government” and The Medusa File II: The Politics of Terror and the Oklahoma City Bombing

* * *

Socialism, communism, collectivism – whatever the label—is a curse on the entire world. It stifles enterprise and ingenuity, destroys the human spirit and breeds totalitarianism, fear and poverty, as nations like Cuba and Venezuela readily demonstrate. Fortunately, in Crushing the Collective, author Charles Sasser, a masterful researcher with a wealth of knowledge and experience, illuminates the dangers of a collectivist mind-set and deconstructs the philosophy not only of Bernie Sanders, but increasingly of the Democratic Party. It's a must-read for anyone wishing to understand and counteract the destructive thinking that, if we’re not vigilant, will destroy the unique freedom that has made America the greatest nation on earth.

 —David Kupelian, best-selling author and managing editor of