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Yeshua/Jesus (DVD)

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An exploration of the profound Jewish atmosphere in which Jesus grew up and carried out his ministry.

"Yeshua/Jesus": Exploring the Jewish Roots of Jesus: In this two-part documentary investigation, we explore the intriguing heritage of biblical Israel and the Jewish origins of the Christian faith.

This video uncovers some wonderful truths about the character, background and personality of Jesus which have been overlooked by much of the church. Your spiritual understanding and insight into the Bible and the world in which Jesus lived and ministered will be enriched and enlarged.

Journalist Peter Darg and film producer Marc Villiger take you on a fascinating journey of discovery to Israel.

In part one, discover the intense Jewish religious atmosphere in which Jesus grew up and began his Messianic mission.

In part two, gain new insights into the message Jesus proclaimed to his own people, the Jews, that would soon transform the entire world.

Starring: Barbara Babcock, Ken Howard and Ossie Davis.

DVD Features:
Rated: Not Rated
Region: All Regions
Languages: English, French, German
Subtitles: English
Format: Full Screen
Time: 85 minutes

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