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Wise Foods Outdoor Favorites 72 Hour Kit

MSRP: $64.99
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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

Product Description

Our bestselling meals all packed into one! Includes 6 entrees and 1 breakfast (2 servings per pouch) for a total of 14 servings. The new Outdoor Meals contain real meat and boast extremely high caloric value and protein in each pouch.

Real food all the time! Also, great for hunting, camping, hiking. Simple to prepare - just add boiling water directly into pouch - no cooking necessary.

Outdoor meals in this package include:

  • 1 Noodles and Beef in Mushroom Sauce
  • 1 Chili Mac with Beef
  • 1 Pasta Alfredo with Chicken
  • 1 Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini with Chicken
  • 1 Apple Cinnamon Cereal
  • 1 Teriyaki Chicken and Rice
  • 1 Cheesy Lasagna

More Outdoor Pouch product information:

  • Real meat in pouches
  • Increased caloric value, ranging from 500 to 780 calories per pouch
  • Increased protein, as high as 34 grams per pouch
  • New pouch design - wider and shallower pouch for easy access to food
  • Even better taste!
  • New breakfast Outdoor Pouch featuring Apple Cinnamon Cereal