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Warriors of Honor

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Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were masterful generals, brilliant strategists and, above all, faithful Christians.

"Warriors of Honor: The Faith and Legacies of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson" is a rare and truly moving documentary about two great generals whose faith was their life. It is a faith-building presentation for all Christians.

The Revolutionary War united America. But less than 100 years later a bloody Civil War divided it. This is the story of two drastically different cultures that had emerged on the American landscape.

The documentary places the war in its historical and cultural context, guiding the viewer through the causes and the major battles of the Civil War while providing insight into the lives of two stalwart men who fought for the South.

The faith of these "Warriors of Honor" governed their lives on and off the battlefield, and their legacies continue even today.

This DVD won first place for "Best Documentary of 2004" at the International Christian Visual Media in Atlanta. Steve Wilkins, author and historian, says of this presentation: "Finally! A documentary that is willing to speak plainly about the Christian faith of Jackson and Lee. It is a beautiful and accurate account of two great Southern leaders and of a war that forever changed our country."

This acclaimed DVD program includes bonus video essays on slavery, Confederate Medal of Honor winner Sam Davis and the Palmyra massacre. 80 minutes.