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Trapped in Hitler's Hell (Paperback)

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by Anita Dittman and Jan Markell
Product Description

“The book carries a stark message for today’s Western Christian. Germany was a Christian country and a democracy that was transformed into a dictatorship because the vast majority of Christians placed their trust in one man to lead them back to the promised land of economic prosperity and respect on the world stage.” – Leo Hohmann

"Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me: for my soul trusteth in thee: yea, in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge until these calamities be overpast." (Psalm 57:1)
Anita Dittman was just a little girl when the winds of Nazism and Hitler's coming Holocaust began to blow through Germany.
Raised by her Jewish mother, she came to believe that Jesus was her Messiah at 8 years of age. By the time she was 10, the war had begun.
"Suddenly Hella was racing down the street to meet me as I entered our block, panic and fear written all over her face. Her body shook visibly, and her face was contorted because she was about to break into tears. Curious people stared at Hella, but they kept moving, afraid to get involved. I sensed even before she spoke that disaster had struck our home. 'Mother's been taken!' she gasped."
"Trapped in Hitler's Hell" is the true account of Holocaust horror but also of God's miraculous mercy on a young girl who spent her teenage years desperately fighting for survival yet learning to trust in the One she had come to love.
In this inspirational story Anita tells her tale of miraculous survival during the terror of Hitler's reign when she was becoming a teen. First, her mother was picked up by the Gestapo and sent to a concentration camp – then Anita. God protected her during forced labor in a concentration camp and He made a way for her to escape and be reunited with her mother.
This is a story of hope, survival and God's miracles.
Anita Dittman tells her powerful story of overcoming the horrors of Nazi work camps during World War II at groups across the United States in an effort to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive so we won't forget what sort of evil exists in the world.
This updated edition includes a special author's note about how the world has changed since the book's first edition and how we need to continue to be diligent not to forget the atrocities against the Jews lest history repeat itself. Her message is to inspire good men to not sit idly by while dictators take control of governments and impose their will on the people.

Editorial Review


“With all of the thousands of books out there about the Holocaust, you might be tempted to ask, why read another? Indeed, there are countless works that document the cruelty, the hate, the deprivation and death inflicted by the Third Reich. … But there is a book, ‘Trapped in Hitler’s Hell’ by Anita Dittman with Jan Markell, that will sweep you into 1930s Germany and back with your faith firmly intact.

“This is the true story of Ms. Dittman, whose first encounter with Hitler’s ‘new Germany’ took place in the first grade, when she was threatened and mocked by her classmates. She is the daughter of an anti-Nazi newspaper editor and an Orthodox Jewish mother. Her father, a Gentile and an atheist, succumbs to Nazi pressure to divorce his Jewish wife and abandon his two daughters, Anita and Hella. All Jews were required to register with the government and their names were promptly given to public schools so they could be monitored. The hateful threats of ‘We’ll get you after school, you little Jew brat,’ escalated into beatings and lack of support from teachers.

"Anita finds solace in, of all places, her German textbooks, which at that time still included references to Jesus. She reads all she can find about Him and later finds answers to her questions from a Lutheran pastor who helps get her placed in a Lutheran school and later puts his life on the line to try to save her family from the death camps. Pastor Hornig is able to get Hella out of the country to London but the Gestapo clamps down completely before he can get Anita and her mother out.

“The Dittmans are then transferred from their comfortable row house in Breslau to a Jewish ghetto. They live in daily fear of hearing the Gestapo agents’ boots walking down the main hall of their apartment building, wondering at which door they will stop. Then came the knock on the door, the shout of “open up, open up” and the predictable announcement, ‘You have five minutes to gather your things in one small bag and come with us.’ After all of their friends were taken, the Nazis came for Anita’s mother, and then for her. She miraculously makes it through several death-defying situations, including a stint in a hospital with a Nazi nurse who slips her a poison pill that she promises will ‘make you feel better.’ But for every evil Nazi, there is a well-placed ‘angel’ who helps get Anita out of a jam, and she makes it through the ordeal, barely a shell of her former self physically, but stronger than ever spiritually. 

“If you buy one book … make it ‘Trapped in Hitler’s Hell.’ It will refocus your priorities and recharge your spiritual life.”
  – Leo Hohmann, The Messianic Times

About the Author
Anita Dittman, a Jewish believer since the age of 8, speaks to many churches and groups about her experiences in World War II Germany. She lives in Minnesota.
Jan Markell has authored nine other books. She is the director of Olive Tree Ministries, an informative, cutting-edge news ministry, and is the host of the radio show "Understanding the Times" on KKMS in Minneapolis.
Product Details
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: WND Books; 1 edition (May 6, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1936488124
ISBN-13: 978-1936488124

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