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Trading Away Our Future (Book)

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By: Raymond L. Richman, Howard B. Richman and Jesse T. Richman

Raymond L. Richman, Howard B. Richman and Jesse T. Richman know that soon it will be too late to change the faulty tax system or fix the trade deficits that are eroding the power of the United States. Most people think that trade deficits are the result of free market forces, but the Richmans explain how trade deficits are caused by foreign government currency manipulations and the foolish subsidies that the U.S. tax system gives to foreign savings.

If nothing is done, then resolutely nondemocratic China will replace the United States as the world's premier power. In this book the Richmans explain solutions that are within our grasp. ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ_ÌÎÌ__ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ__ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ_ÌÎÌ__ÌÎÌ_Ì´åÇÌÎå«Ì´ÌàTrading Away Our FutureÌÎÌ_ÌÎ_ÌÎÌ__ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ__ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ_ÌÎÌ__ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ_ÌÎå«Ì´åÇ is a detailed and informative explanation of harmful trade deficits, a call to action to acknowledge this crisis and a prescription for a stronger America.

This book is divided into three parts. Part one covers the trade deficit, exploring the root of the deficit, explaining why trade deficits matter, why free trade is a necessary goal and the effects of the trade deficit. This section also gives steps on how to balance trade.

Part two covers the tax system. This section proposes a unique way to change the current income tax code in order to eliminate tax incentives to cash in capital gains. The authors describe how this change would enhance the future wealth and prosperity of America.

Part three is called ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ_ÌÎÌ__ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ__ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ_ÌÎÌ__ÌÎÌ_Ì´åÇÌÎå«Ì´ÌàA Strong AmericaÌÎÌ_ÌÎ_ÌÎÌ__ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ__ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ_ÌÎÌ__ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ_ÌÎå«Ì´åÇ and begins with a prediction on the future of this economic crisis. The future looks bleak, but the authors have a remedy. They provide the short-term and long-term actions necessary to survive the crisis. This section includes detailed advice on how to protect your assets, describes the different ways in which the trade deficit can be solved and suggests innovative ways to improve the tax system. The authors give detailed descriptions of the actions that need to be taken for these changes to come about.

Product Details
  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Book Clearing House; first edition (March 15, 2008)
  • ISBN: 0929446054

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