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The Tea Party Manifesto (Autographed)(Paperback)

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By Joseph Farah

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Product Description

THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT is the most dynamic and powerful grassroots political movement witnessed by modern-day America. It arose spontaneously ÌÎåÌ´å and in the nick of time ÌÎåÌ´å to save this country from an advancing, fatal drift away from self-government, liberty and the promise of greater prosperity for future generations.


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JOSEPH FARAH ÌÎåÌ´å founder, editor and CEO of WND ÌÎåÌ´å was a tea partier before there was even a tea party movement. In his book "The Tea Party Manifesto," Farah fleshes out the origins and evolution of the movement that intensifies daily in speed and spirit.

Defining the terms of the debate, the true meaning of independence, the danger in waiting for political messiahs and the vital need for a spiritual core, Farah provides an inspired road map for this country's citizens to extricate themselves from the overreaching grip of government and reclaim the beliefs of the Founding Fathers.

Something is happening in the United States ÌÎåÌ´å something unprecedented in the last 150 years. Now more than ever is the time for a complete renewal of liberty, justice and morality. It's time for a vision as bold as the one that launched this country. Only one question remains: What part will you play in taking America back?

About the Author

Joseph Farah ÌÎåÌ´å founder, editor and CEO of WND, the world's leading independent Internet news source ÌÎåÌ´å joined Sarah Palin as one of two nationally televised keynote speakers at the first national Tea Party Convention in Nashville. His 2003 bestseller "Taking America Back"ÌÎ_prophesied the movement today known as "the tea party." The former daily newspaper editor has authored, co-authored or collaborated on more than a dozen books, including Rush Limbaugh's "See, I Told You So."

Product Details
Ì´å«Paperback: 192 pagesÌÎ_
Ì´å«Publisher: WND Books (July 4, 2010)ÌÎ_
Ì´å«Language: EnglishÌÎ_
Ì´å«ISBN-10: 1935071289ÌÎ_
Ì´å«ISBN-13: 978-1935071280ÌÎ_
Ì´å«Product Dimensions: 4.125 x 6.125