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The Return Is Near (4-DVD Set)

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By Joel Richardson

Product Description

4 Dynamic Sessions on 4 DVDs

Understanding and Reaching Muslims for Jesus

In this powerful session, Joel identifies the key spiritual factors affecting Muslims today and how the believer is to respond. You will discover why Islam rejects God as a Father, why Islam rejects Jesus as the divine Son of God and why Islam rejects the Jewish people as inheritors of GodÌÎ_Ì´åÇs promises. You will also discover how to reach Muslims and win them for Jesus. Also discussed is a heretical movement quickly infecting the Church called Chrislam and what we can do to stop its creeping influence.

Understanding What's Next in the Middle East and How It Will Affect You

As revolutions, protests and riots continue to radically reshape the face of the entire Middle East, Joel explains what will come next and how it will affect all of us. Through examining the prophecies of Daniel 8 and 11, Joel shows how the unfolding events in the Middle East today are all talking place according to GodÌÎ_Ì´åÇs divine plan. This session will thoroughly equip you to understand the region and what will happen next.

Birth Pangs in the News and the Coming Global Earthquake

As massive earthquakes continue to shake the nations, few believers are aware that the Bible predicts a massive cataclysmic coming earthquake that will level every nation of the earth. When will this happen and what is the major event that will bring this about? By reviewing data from the United States Geological Survey, Joel also shows how massive earthquakes are rapidly increasing in frequency, pointing to the soon coming of Jesus the Messiah.

What You Need to Know About the 12th Imam and the Mark of the Beast

What do the leaders of Iran really believe about the end of the world and the destruction of the Jewish people? In this highly educational session, Joel discusses the frightening ShiÌÎ_Ì´åÇa Muslim belief in a mysterious messiah figure known as the 12th Imam. Could the 12th Imam of Islam be the Antichrist described in the Bible? Or will the Antichrist emerge instead from the Sunni Muslim world? How does Islamic end time belief correspond to Biblical belief? Also discussed in this session is the Mark of the Beast and Islam as well as the Mark of God as described by the prophet Ezekiel. A highly informative session that you will not want to miss!

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