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Target (Hardcover)

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By Kathleen Willey

Also available in digital format here.

What makes a book about Bill and Hillary Clinton so explosive that someone would steal it?

Product Description

Labor Day Weekend 2007 - In the dead of night during a hot Virginia summer, an unknown intruder silently hoisted himself through a downstairs window into a rural home. As the unsuspecting homeowner slept upstairs, the burglar carried out his mission. The next morning, Kathleen Willey awoke to find her jewelry untouched, her credit cards intact and her electronics disturbed but not stolen. A copy of the manuscript of her upcoming book - a book containing damaging revelations about Bill and Hillary Clinton - had mysteriously disappeared.

For Willey, the manuscript theft was dejavu. Ten years earlier, the former White House aide's life had been turned upside down by threats aimed at silencing her about the sexual assault she experienced at the hands of President Bill Clinton. The Clintons' fears about Willey speaking publicly were heightened by what she knew of their shady political operations. In 2007, with Hillary Clinton in the midst of a campaign to return to the Oval Office - this time as president of the United States - Willey decided to break the silence she had maintained for 10 years. And, as a result, Willey found herself once again a target.

Democratic activist Kathleen Willey helped send Bill and Hillary Clinton to the White House in 1992. Little did she imagine how the Clintons would repay her.

While serving as a volunteer in the White House and facing financial hard times, Willey met with Bill Clinton in the Oval Office to request a paying position. Instead of offering assistance, the man she considered a friend sexually assaulted her. Distraught, Willey fled Clinton's presence, only to discover that her husband Ed had committed suicide that same tragic afternoon.

Yet that was only the beginning of Willey's torment at the hands of the Clintons. When her name later surfaced as a potential witness in litigation involving the president, Willey found herself on the receiving end of a mob-style campaign of threats and intimidation. The unmistakable message? Keep silent, if you know what's good for you. The perpetrator? Willey concluded that it had to be none other than Hillary Clinton herself!

But in 2007, with Hillary seeking a return to the White House, this time as president, Kathleen Willey broke her decade-long silence in order to tell America the shocking full story. In the pages of "Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton," Kathleen Willey reveals for the first time:

  • The possible identity of the mysterious jogger sent to threaten her, and his Clinton connection;
  • Information about shady financial dealings involving the Clintons and her late husband, and
  • Evidence that Hillary Clinton orchestrated the campaign of terror against her.

Blow-by-blow and in vivid detail, "Target" details Willey's ordeal at the hands of the nation's most ruthless political tag team.

Faced with the prospect of another Clinton presidency, Willey opted not to back down. Instead, she is sharing her story to make voters aware of exactly what they'll be getting should they decide to return the Clintons to the White House.

"Willey takes readers on a whirlwind tour of the events that propelled her into the Clinton impeachment vortex. Bill Clinton's star turn in Willey's life began with sexual harassment in the Oval Office but soon turned to pure harassment. And it's Hillary - the woman who would be president - who's at the center of the forces attacking Kathleen for telling the truth about the president's rapacious sexual appetite. This is an important read."
- Ann Coulter, author of five New York Times bestsellers, including "Godless," "Treason" and "Slander"

"The White House under Bill and Hillary Clinton was a moral and political slum, where a decent woman could be molested in the Oval Office and defamed and harassed when she complained. It's shocking to think that the crooked partnership could ever be allowed back into our Executive Mansion and Kathleen Willey has done a great service by reminding us so vividly of what it was like last time."
- Christopher Hitchens, author of "No One Left to Lie To: The Values of the Worst Family"

"After President Bill Clinton sexually assaulted Kathleen Willey in the Oval Office, the Clinton machine went into overdrive, unleashing both a smear campaign and terror tactics to try to silence her. With honesty and courage, Willey recounts both what Clinton did to her that day - and what Hillary and the Clintonistas did to her afterwards."
- Melanie Morgan, host, KSFO Radio, and co-author of "American Mourning"

From the Author
"Subjected to sexual abuse at the hands of Bill Clinton, I was then subjected to abuse of power at the hands of the Clinton administration. More than any other, these were Hillary Clinton's hands..."

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 256 pages
  • Publisher: WND Books, an imprint of World Ahead Media; 1st edition (November 6, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0974670162
  • ISBN-13: 978-0974670164