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Saint Patrick (DVD)

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by William J. Federer

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Product Description

How was the time Saint Patrick lived in similar to today?

The Roman Empire was falling:

  • Illegal immigrants overrunning borders
  • Latin language displaced
  • Sexual immorality
  • Exposure of unwanted infants
  • Violent gladiatorial entertainment
  • Outsourcing to North Africa
  • Enormous debt and government
  • Explosion of welfare and government jobs
  • Taxes unbearable
  • Church discouraged political involvement
  • Military overstretched
  • Attila the Hun committing terrorist attacks

Rome pulled its legions back from the frontier of Britain, leaving it to marauding gangs. Patrick was kidnapped as a boy and sold into slavery in Druid Ireland. He miraculously escaped, only to have, at age 40, a divine call to go back as a missionary. He confronted Druid chiefs, baptized 120,000, used the three-leaf clover to teach the Trinity and founded 300 churches, which in the next century sent missionaries back into Europe!

You will be fascinated by "Saint Patrick - The Real Story of Life & Times From Tragedy to Triumph"!

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