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Rose of Bethlehem "Blessed Imperfection"

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Product Descriptions

Just add water and watch it bloom! Flower will open up in 1 min and stay open for an hour in each bloom. Will bloom even for 30+ years! The Blessing Flower is a truly amazing desert flower because of its ability to bloom again & again for decades, long after it has been set on jewelry! The re-blooming ability of the Blessing Flower is part of the survival mechanism of the flower. It grows in the harsh conditions of the Judean Desert, with limited resources. Once a year the flowers bloom with yellow petals (resembling a small yellow daisy). After a few months the petals dry, closing to protect the seeds. Every time water is present around the dry flower, the petals open, letting some of the seeds out, and closing to protect the rest, in a process that repeats itself for years. The Blessing Flower is a biblical flower and is often also called the Rose of Bethlehem. It took us several years of research and trial to manage to grow the flowers in captivity and develop a process that allows for the continued re-blooming of the flower in its setting. We grow the flowers in the Judean Desert where they bloom on the plant once a year and are left to naturally dry for 2-3 months. We then collect & bring them to our studio, where they go through a long & caring journey of unique grooming & preparation. Because of our high standard and quality assurance, only less than 20% of the flowers are chosen to be set in our unique jewelry & gifts. The flower Rose of Bethlehem is now being sold under The Blessing Flower branding.

  • Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 0.9 x 1.5 inches