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Maybe He's Not Gay - Second Edition (Paperback)

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"I'm gay." An ever greater number of young people are deciding this is their "identity." And apparently, there are a host of new "civil rights" that come with it. But is this even true, that being "gay" is really "who you are?" Does this identity bring liberation -- or a whole new burden? Does it lift the veil of secrecy -- or start a new kind of struggle? "Maybe He's Not Gay" addresses these questions., and gives answers to young people confused by the turmoil of adolescence, which for some, may include same sex attractions or gender confusion. It explains what these feelings mean - and why a new identity as "gay" may not be the final answer.


About the Author:


Linda Harvey is the president and founder of Mission America ( She is an author, speaker and radio host who has reported on sexual identity politics for twenty years. Raised in a liberal home, Linda became a Christian and changed her mind and heart about some of the most volatile issues of our time. A former teacher who became an advertising executive, then head of a Christian pro-family group, Linda has been interviewed by numerous media outlets and spoken to adult and youth audiences all over North America. She is also a wife and mother of two, and lives in Ohio.




"For every teen out there confused by the claims that some people are "born that way" and other falsehoods of homosexual advocacy, Mission America now hands them a powerful new resource. Maybe He's Not Gay speaks directly to each adolescent heart with compassion and truth. Parents, teachers and youth leaders will love Linda Harvey's apologetics approach to a tough current issue."

J. Matt Barber, Founder,



"Maybe He's Not Gay is a great book that addresses many of the lies that today's youth are being told from adults who, in most cases, know they are misleading them. The book presents the truth in a compassionate way, giving hope to those who may find themselves in a hopeless situation."

Diane Gramley, President, American Family Association of Pennsylvania



Finally, a straight-talk resource proclaiming the biblical and practical truths about homosexuality. Linda Harvey has taken a lot of cheap shots and hits by her truth-hating opponents for having the courage to address the gay issue. Why does she even care about this? Because Linda Harvey cares about America's children, youth and our nation. As a man who ended up down the gay path until I was 28 years old, how I wish I had a resource such as this available to me back then. I highly recommend this book to all parents, families, individuals, and pastors who are looking for an excellent resource to help someone who is struggling with their sexual identity. Thank you, Linda, for writing such an excellent book -- a book that can truly transform any life!"

Stephen Bennett, former homosexual, Founder and Executive Director of



"Linda Harvey has produced a great book for young people who may think they are 'gay'  or who have friends or family members who think they are homosexual, bisexual or transgender. Lives are being cut short or destroyed -- and destinies radically changed -- because youth are embracing a lie based on their 'feelings.' But Linda wisely takes us back to reality and urges the reader to consider the evidence -- that no one is 'born gay'; that homosexual behaviors are often unhealthy; and that 'sexual orientation' is not some fixed identity ('who you are') as proved by the many EX-gay men and women who have left homosexuality behind. This is a terrific, comfortable read for anyone who wants to gain understanding and go beyond the media myths and political correctness that swirl around the 'gay' issue."

Peter LaBarbera, President, Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (



"Maybe He's Not Gay provides vital information that is not being taught in schools or churches, and you certainly won't hear about it in the news. We do a disservice to our young people when we expose them to only one side of such an important issue. It's about time every teenager and young adult had the opportunity to read an unbiased presentation of the truth about homosexuality. This book will challenge the way you think about homosexuality. Thank you, Linda, for this valuable resource."

Irene Bennett, President, The Parents Group


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  • Publisher: World Ahead Press (February 20, 2018)
  • Language: English
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  • ISBN-13: 978-1946918185
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