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Handguns 101: A Guide for New Shooters (DVD)

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Product Description

"Handguns 101: A Guide for New Shooters" explores everything you need to know about choosing the right firearm, its proper use, the safe way to shoot and range drills to build your skills.

Whether your interest is in target shooting, defensive shooting or just having fun, "Handguns 101" is the perfect guide to the exciting world of handguns.

Contents include:

  • How Revolvers Work
  • The Operations of Semiautomatic Pistols
  • Differences in Handgun Action Types
  • Choosing the Right Handgun for You
  • Ammunition Components and How They Work
  • Safety Protocols and How to Apply Them
  • The Correct Way to Grip a Handgun
  • Aiming and the Perfect Sight Picture
  • Best Methods for Controlling Recoil
  • Range Drills for Building Shooting Skills
  • Safe Storage in the Home
  • Much, Much More!
  • Run time: 3 hrs. 18 min.


Human Events

"Mroz also covers common jargon used in the gun culture. For example, he discusses the differences between rounds, bullets and cartridges. I believe that many a new shooter will have at least one 'ah-ha!' moment when they will suddenly grasp some arcane bit of slang they've heard.

"Finding a gun that properly fits your hand is a very important aspect to accurate shooting, yet it seems to be one that is frequently overlooked by many people and instructors. I am glad to see that Mroz not only brings the issue up, but clearly explains the idea and demonstrates how to check for good fit.

"The videos have good production quality and the sound is very clear. The videos are definitely professionally shot and edited.

"During this video, Mroz does all of the instruction. Mroz, a former police officer and director of the Police Officers Safety Association, is in his element while he is teaching. Mroz does a very good job of slowing down and explaining many of the aspects of shooting a handgun. A novice will be able to keep up with the content, without feeling 'talked down to.' If you are relatively new to shooting, or have recently considered carrying a firearm for self-defense, this video is an excellent place to start your learning."

About the Instructors

David Kenik is co-founder and executive director the Police Officers Safety Association, Inc., a nonprofit organization that offers advanced training to law enforcement officers. As a gun-rights advocate, he co-founded and is past chairman of Citizens' Rights Action League, a statewide group that advocates the right to self-defense and lobbies against gun-control legislation in Rhode Island. Under his leadership CRAL was and continues to be an effective force against restrictions on law-abiding citizens.

He has been an avid shooter for over 20 years and is a certified NRA instructor. KenikÌ's books and instructional videos include "Armed Response: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Firearms for Self-Defense," "Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting," "Close Distance Defensive Shooting," "Tactics and Techniques for Defensive Shooting," "Dynamic Drills for Defensive Shooting, Shoot/No Shoot Scenarios," "Defensive Cane Fighting" and more. Ralph Mroz is a police officer in western Massachusetts, currently assigned to his county as narcotics/gang task force. He has been a student of the martial arts since 1973 and is a well-known defensive tactics and firearms writer, with more than 250 articles published in professional law enforcement and use-of-force journals.