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God's Day Timer Movie

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It’s nothing less than a whole new way of unveiling the mysteries of Scripture. And it contains the very “keys to prophecy” which answer the biggest questions about the end times.

Mark Biltz, the man who discovered the “Blood Moons” phenomenon which captivated the nation and the world, is back with an incredible new documentary – “God’s Day Timer.”

By showing how the first coming of Jesus Christ was connected to certain biblical festivals, Biltz believes he has unlocked the timing of the second coming itself.

Quoting the well-known passage about the second coming arriving as a “thief in the night,” Biltz says it will come this way only to those who are unaware about the biblical patterns he has revealed.

“Those who understand the appointed times will not be surprised,” he said. After “God’s Day Timer,” Biltz says the believer will “have the prophetic keys in your hands to unlock the timing of all the end times events.”

However, the main focus of “God’s Day Timer” is not prophecy but providing tools believers can use to more closely connect with God and the history of their faith. Biltz says the Bible speaks of believers seeing “through a glass darkly,” because they only know part of God’s plan. The Jewish people are also blinded in part. By more closely examining the Jewish tradition, Biltz suggests, Christians can see more of the truth.

"God's Day Timer" was directed by George Escobar, who also directed the documentaries "Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs," and one of the top Christian films of the past five years, "Isaiah 9:10 Judgment: Is There an Ancient Mystery that Foretells America's Future?"

As head of El Shaddai Ministries, Biltz has a passion for reuniting Christians with their Jewish history.

“God didn’t plant a separate tree in Rome,” he said. “No – there’s only one tree and that’s Israel and we’re grafted into that family. Connecting with the Jewish people and connecting with our Jewish roots can have a huge impact not only in our understanding of the New Testament but in our connecting to God.”

Biltz says the New Testament is best interpreted in light of the Old Testament and the traditions of Israel.

“The Torah is borderless and it is for all time and for all people,” Biltz says in the film.

What’s more, because God is unchanging, Biltz says the biblical feasts historically celebrated by the Jewish people have a deep connection to Jesus Christ, the “Lamb who was slain from the beginning of the world.”

“It shows how awesome God is – not only the macro, but the micro elements of God’s word are shown,” said Biltz.

For example, he points out because Jesus Christ died on Passover and because the Jewish people were singing Psalms 118 as part of their tradition on that day, it essentially means God had King David write the very songs for Jesus Christ’s funeral a thousand years in advance.

Biltz illustrates in the book and film how Christ’s passion and death are connected to biblical feast days.

“He dies on Passover, he’s buried on Unleavened Bread, he rises on the Feast of First Fruits, the Holy Spirit is poured out on Shavuot, which we know as Pentecost,” Biltz said. “If He fulfilled the spring feasts to the very day of his first coming, He will fulfill the fall feasts to the very day of his second coming. But if we’re not on the calendar God is on, we’re going to miss the event.”

For that reason Blitz urges Christians not to be beholden to what he calls the contemporary “pagan” calendar, but to use the biblical calendar. After all, Biltz said, it’s the calendar God Himself uses.

“God has His own day timer, His own schedule,” he explained. “And He wants to make an appointment with you. And He has made an appointment with you. He said these are the days I want to meet with you, these are the times I want to meet with you, and he’s written it into the schedule.”

Biltz emphasizes he is not setting dates, as he has no idea what year the second coming will take place. However, he believes the Tribulation will begin on the First of Tishri, Rosh Hashanah or the Feast of Trumpets.

“We know it will happen around September, October,” Biltz said. “We know when to be watching. This is so important – God told us to watch. But now we can keep that watch more focused.”

He says he is simply looking at patterns to be able to predict how all of this will play out. But he stresses God has already planned out these events and what dates they will take place. Most importantly, God has linked these events to his feasts, the “dress rehearsals” for the most important events in history.

“When He created Man, God already had all these dates in mind,” explained Biltz. “And these are the feasts of the Lord, not the feasts of the Jews.”

According to Biltz, biblical feasts are really indicators of when God will interact with his people. He points out the same Hebrew word, Mo’Ed, is sometimes translated as “seasons” and sometimes as “feasts.” But neither translation captures the full story. These appointments are nothing less than the key to the future.

“Actually, both translations are inaccurate,” he said. “The Hebrew word is Mo’Ed. And the Hebrew word means more like a divine appointment. In other words, God said ‘I want the sun and the moon to determine my divine appointments, when I’m going to intersect human history.’ It all had to do with the Biblical calendar that the Jews used. And these feasts are more than food, they’re divine appointments, but more than that, they are dress rehearsals of the events that will happen to the very day, to the very hour.”

WND CEO Joseph Farah praised the book and film and said, “Nobody explains the feasts better than Mark Biltz!”

Biltz said the feasts are something all believers should know about.

“Just as the spring feasts of the Lord were fulfilled to the very day, to the very hour of His first coming you now understand he will fulfill he fall feasts to the very day of the second coming,” he enthused. “You now are also aware of God’s personal invitation for you to come to His party! You have the tools for the practical application so you too can be prepared and not be caught unawareness. All you need to do is respond to the divine invitation you now have in your hands. God has a seat at His table just for you. Come and sit down and enjoy the feast!"



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