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Every Boy Needs a Hero (Movie)

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Product Description

Burgess Jenkins ("Remember the Titans," "Nashville," "The Shunning") stars as Joe Finn, a legendary children's baseball coach who prioritizes fame and fortune in the big leagues over time with his family. When his wife takes ill, Joe has no choice but to return home and pick up where he left off with his now-adult son, David. In an attempt to reconnect, Joe and David form a new baseball league to reinvigorate an underdog little league team. In an ironic twist, Joe requires the fathers of his new players to prioritize their sons' baseball games over their own respective careers. From two producers of "Alone Yet Not Alone" comes a heartfelt movie about forgiveness, compassion and family.

"Hero" is not just another baseball movie. It's about restoring and strengthening relationships between fathers and their children. It's a movie to help remind us of what is truly important and encourage us to get our priorities straight.

The way God planned it to be!

Editorial Reviews

"I love this film ... It is deeply touching." --å Stormie Omartian, bestselling author of The Power of Praying series

"'Hero' is a terrific must-see movie! The themes include forgiveness and the willingness to move forward. ... We are most happy to award our Faith Friendly Seal to this movie for all ages. 'Hero' has earned our best rating, five Doves. The ending is terrific. Watch it and be inspired!" --å Dove Worldview

About the Producer

George Escobar is vice president of WND Films and TV in charge of programming, production and strategy. Escobar produced and directed several films including "The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment" for WND Films. He is co-founder of Advent Film Group, whose inaugural movie, "Come What May," was seen by over 3.5 million people online and on TV. Advent's films including "Hero," "The Screenwriters" and "Alone Yet Not Alone," produced for Enthuse Entertainment.

Escobar was vice president for Discovery, executive director for AOL and a producing fellow at the American Film Institute. He holds seven U.S. patents in technology and user interface design and has taught filmmaking to over 1,000 students. Escobar and his wife homeschooled their three sons from grades K through 12.

Product Details

  • Starring: Burgess Jenkins, Justin Miles, R. Keith Harris, Gregory Alan Williams, Mark Joy
  • Format: DVD
  • Run Time: 94 min.