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America: Her People Her Stories: The Battle of Bunker Hill: (DVD)

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"They stood for Liberty, and fought against Tyranny!"

Product Description

It is the morning of June 17, 1775. The previous night, under the cover of darkness, the colonial patriots had quickly constructed an impromptu fortification on Breed's Hill, and now await a full assault by the king's soldiers --Ì´å the best equipped and most feared fighting force in the world. These patriots have little ammunition or water, but on this hot summer's morning they will stand as one against the British Infantry --Ì´å relying on something which they have in abundance: courage. And by the end of the day, the world will know whether this ragged band of farmers, merchants and militiamen will be able to bring a new nation into being.

"THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL" is the story of the first major conflict of the American Revolution, and how two fathers and two sons left their farms and joined the battle to defend the heights overlooking Boston Harbor. Through an innovative blending of epic re-creation, historical commentary and vintage imagery, you will learn about life during that time, as well as the reasons why our forefathers chose to rebel against the mighty British Empire and forge a new nation, conceived in liberty and freedom.

"AMERICA: HER PEOPLE, HER STORIES" is a series of DVDs from Producer/Director Tony Malanowski designed to teach the history of the United States in an informative and positive way. The values of the Founding Fathers and subsequent American heroes, and the perseverance of their spirit and their faith are featured in a manner that is designed to instill in the viewer a knowledge of their sacrifice, and an appreciation of our country and our culture. Each DVD is shot on motion picture film and has been digitally transferred to high-definition, with a complete audio mix in both 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo, with a full symphonic score.

"THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL" is the first story in this series. Other DVDs in pre-production include "GUADALCANAL," "CITIZENSHIP OVER THE YEARS" and "FIRST BATTLE OF BULL RUN/MANASSAS." We at Light a Candle Films take great pride in presenting this premier installment in our series "AMERICA: HER PEOPLE, HER STORIES" and in telling the story of "THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL."


Not Rated - recommended for the whole family (some battle scene imagery may be too intense for younger viewers).