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Bible Health Secrets (Hardcover)

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by Reginald Cherry, M.D.

Product Description

Timeless, proven, successful health secrets --å from the Great Physician Himself!

Uncover the God-given health secrets to cure diseases that are available to you through nature. Whether you have questions about vitamins or you are battling heart disease, diabetes, fad diets, vision problems, prostate problems or menopause, Dr. Cherry removes some of the guesswork as he answers frequently asked questions that point you toward better health.

Don't ask God to heal you just to get rid of the painful symptoms. He has made it so simple for you to be whole and healthy. Learn how to use the ultimate health secret wisely and effectively, and don't be surprised when you experience strength, vigor and power. You can protect yourself from the most common ailments in the world with only a few lifestyle changes. When you accept your responsibility in the natural realm and leave the rest to God, your life will be radically changed!

About the Author

Dr. Reginald Cherry and his wife, Linda, have practiced diagnostic and preventive medicine/alternative medicine in their clinic for 25 years. Their television program, "The Doctor and the Word," reaches millions of homes each week, and the medical newsletter, "Pathway to Healing," goes to thousands of partners. Cherry is also an ordained minister who combines the technology of modern medicine with prayer for the sick.


Thanks Doc! Every now and then you find a man of medicine who isn't a legal drug dealer for the pharmaceutical companies. For those Christians who would like to solve their medical problems God's way and not man's way, this is the book to read! Herein, the good doctor supplies you with:

  • The herbs and natural food and substances placed in nature by God that people should take for many of their ailments, and to maintain good health.
  • Good, detailed information on heart disease, cancer, Alzheimers, high blood pressure, IBS, etc. and what you can do about them.
  • Provides many answers to oft asked questions concerning each category of ailment and treatment options. Gives detailed info on the herbs and foods that help fight disease and how.
  • An abundant amount of scriptures on healing is given throughout the book, and a whole list of verses is given in an Appendix.
  • Also proves from the scriptures the foolishness of those who believe God will solve all their problems without effort on their part, and that the belief of many that they shouldn't go to a doctor or seek medical treatment or advice is unscriptural. Jesus said that "they that are whole need not a physician, but they that are sick." -- Matthew 9:12 

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Siloam/Charisma House (June 26, 2003)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0884199371
  • ISBN-13: 978-0884199373
  • Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 6.4 inches
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