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Active Shooter Massacre Survival 12-DVD Set (Movie)

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Product Description

Did you know that in the Connecticut massacre, three half-inch books could have stopped the active shooter's 9mm rounds? An active shooter with little or no weapons training can take out a classroom full of students and staff in fewer than 40 seconds. No law enforcement agency can or should be expected to respond to an active shooter massacre in such a short time.

This first-of-its-kind 12-DVD video set provides a step-by-step method for surviving and preventing an active shooter massacre or terrorist attack.

"Active Shooter Massacre Survival," designed for the average citizen and essential for everyone in today's world, will not only teach you how to respond during an active shooter event, but also give you pointers that can help prevent events like these from occurring in the first place. Produced using two volunteers, neither having any prior tactical or combat experience, it shows how untrained people -- with the proper knowledge -- can survive an active shooter or terrorist massacre.

Presented by counterterrorism expert and former Israeli Special Forces member Doron Benbenisty, the knowledge behind this program is based on years of experience from the State of Israel where active shooters and terrorist attacks are frequent.


Many active shooter events have happened in classrooms, where students and teachers didn't know how to react. In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Survive an active shooter event in the classroom
  • Identify what material can provide you cover and protection against incoming rounds
  • Disarm a weapon from the shooter and use it against him
  • If you have a weapon and a CCW license, perform a disadvantaged weapon draw against the active shooter
  • Counter an active shooter by using a folding knife
  • Survive an attempted execution by an active shooter
  • Disable the active shooter's weapon during a massacre in progress
  • Function during a gunfight with a potential active shooter
  • Deal with an active shooter around your vehicle
  • Defend against an active shooter in a restaurant, on the street and in other public places
  • And much more!

12 Training Modules:

1. Active Shooter Survival - In the Classroom
2. Active Shooter Survival - With a Folding Knife
3. Active Shooter Survival - Force on Force
4. Active Shooter Survival - Execution Attempt Survival
5. Active Shooter Survival - Educated Discussion
6. Active Shooter Survival - Live Fire
7. Active Shooter Survival - Disabling Live-Fire Weapon
8. Active Shooter Survival - Material Penetration Testing
9. Active Shooter Survival - In Public Areas
10. Active Shooter Survival - Shooting Around a Car
11. Active Shooter Survival - Disadvantaged Weapon Draw
12. Active Shooter Survival - Shooting Around Other Vehicles

Bonus Downloads Include:

Tactical Folding Knife Video
360: Personal Protection E-Book

If you want to know how to survive -- and protect others -- in an active shooter event, you are already taking the right step by ordering this series.

About the Producer

Doron Benbenisty, former Israeli Special Forces member and a counterterrorism expert, is the owner and founder of CRI Counter Terrorism Training School, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as CRI's vocational school and its programs. CRI has developed a program to help the general public, school officials and law enforcement officers to prevent tragedies like those that took place at Santa Monica College; Virginia Tech; Sandy Hook Elementary; Aurora, Colorado; Fort Hood; Columbine High School and others. CRI has provided Tactical Response to Active Shooter training for many years, including to police departments and schools. Requests for training have increased due to the number of recent tragedies.

Product Details

  • Producer: Doron Benbenisty
  • Format: NTSC
  • Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only.)
  • Number of discs: 12
  • Studio: CRI Counter Terrorism Training School Inc.
  • Rated: Unrated
  • Weight: 15 ounces
  • Run Time: 495 minutes (over 8 hours)