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The Way of the Master Season 2 (DVD)

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The Way of the Master is an evangelical ministry created by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron to train Christians in the art of apologetics and open-air evangelism.

"The Way of the Master" Television Program – Complete Season Two

•Program #14: God's Wonderful Plan
•Program #15: Conscience
•Program #16: Alcatraz, Al Capone & Alcohol
•Program #17: True & False Conversion
•Program #18: When Things Go Wrong
•Program #19: The Satanic Influence
•Program #20: How to Witness to Someone Who's Gay
•Program #21: Evolution
•Program #22: How to Witness to a Loved One
•Program #23: The Fear of God
•Program #24: Ice-Breakers - Tracts
•Program #25: The Greatest Gamble
•Program #26: How to Get on Fire for God

You will love this television series. It challenges, convicts and encourages us to do what Jesus did. You'll watch these episodes over and over and won't get tired of them.

"Thanks to Kirk and Ray for seeking to motivate believers to fulfill the Great Commission, and for staying true to the biblical message of repentance from sin and forgiveness in Christ." - John MacArthur

"Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort present a timely and gripping series giving passion to the Church and feet to the Gospel. This is truly a 'Wake Up Call' to every Christian to come to terms with his or her mission in this world. This is very well done and wonderfully captures both the classic approach and the contemporary draw to the Reality shows. [It] maintains the integrity of the message while capturing the relevance of the application." - Ravi Zacharias

"'The Way of the Master' is a fresh new television program that grabs your attention from the opening scene and sustains it throughout the entire program. The interviews with people on the street are a vivid revelation of the terrible need people have for the Christ of the Gospel. I was encouraged and motivated, and you will be too." - David Jeremiah

"I love this television show." - Janet Parshall ("Janet Parshall's America")

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