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Taking America Back + Tea Party at Sea Conference (DVD Set) (Bundle)

If you couldn’t attend our 2010 or 2011 Conferences, now is your chance to find out what you missed! Buy both sets at a huge savings!

Taking America Back 2010 National Conference

"TAKING AMERICA BACK" is about freedom, the freedom the founding generation of leaders fought for in establishing the United States. As a nation, we have moved from being freedom fighters to comfort lovers, and it is time for all liberty-loving Americans to realize where our present state of affairs is taking us. It is time to choose the kind of country in which we want to live – whether we want to live under the rule of law or under the rule of man. The choice is simple: the world of standards and morality, self-government and accountability to God, or the world of tyranny and ever-changing moral codes enforced by government. How can Americans take back their nation? The only way we can reestablish our freedom – our God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – is to break the hammerlock of statism and the notion that moral relativism holds the answers to ordering people’s passions and behavior. Take a stand with us as we confront the destruction and fall of our great country and TAKE AMERICA BACK!

During this historic conference – just before the November election – participants and speakers were calling it the best and most important they had ever attended. Now you can share in the excitement, the inspiration and the teaching that took place. It's the first Taking America Back Conference in Miami at the beautiful Doral Resort.

"We didn't plan it this way, but I was impressed with the unity of the message and the spirit that came through at this conference. I've never seen a more potent blend of the spiritual and political." - Joseph Farah, WND

"The WND 'Taking America Back' Conference was a tremendously power-packed event addressing virtually every area of assault on America's freedom with the most cutting-edge speakers delivering the most up-to-date information. Ignorance paralyzes but knowledge is power! It is vital that liberty-loving Americans get this knowledge to empower them to "work while it is day" so that we can pass to posterity the blessings of freedom." - William J. Federer, bestselling author/nationally known speaker

Product Details

DVD 01
Joseph Farah 4:20
Floyd Brown 25:14
Gary Cass 29:54
Aaron Klein 19:29
Michael Farris 30:27 
DVD 02
William Federer 45:09
Rick Scarborough 35:50 
DVD 03
D.J. Dolce & Molotov Mitchell 51:10
Matt Barber 37:14 
DVD 04
Shawn Akers 35:00
Alan Keyes 64:45 
DVD 05
Panel Discussion (Shawn Akers, Matt Barber, James Clymer, Michael Farris & Joseph Farah) 29:52
Mark Graham 34:55
Jerome Corsi 57:58 
DVD 06
Robert Knight 31:58
Jordan Lorence 40:53
Panel Discussion (Jerome Corsi, Mark Graham, Robert Knight & Robert Needham) 14:46 
DVD 07
Aaron Klein 33:21
William Murray 39:11
Devin Nunes 27:32 
DVD 08 
Panel Discussion (Aaron Klein, Chuck Missler, Joel Richardson, William Murray, Alan Keyes & Joseph Farah) 34:13
Victoria Jackson 20:54
Michele Bachmann 4:17
Chuck Missler 46:25 
DVD 09
Gary Demar 52:01
Jerry Newcombe 27:47 
DVD 10
David Kupelian 34:35
Judith Reisman 40:48
R.C. Sproul Jr. 35:13 
DVD 11
Rusty Humphries 51:36
Timothy Daughtry 34:58 
DVD 12
Panel Discussion (Alan Keyes, Erik Rush & Albert Thompson) 59:52  
DVD 13
Panel Discussion (R.C. Sproul Jr., Stephani Scruggs, Karin Hoffman, Joseph Farah & Timothy Daughtry) 75:12 
DVD 14
Debate (Christopher Barron vs. Joseph Farah) 98:43

ISBN: 978-193648816-2

Tea Party at Sea 2011

It was a memorable event for those who were able to attend – "The Second Tea Party at Sea," featuring Joseph and Elizabeth Farah, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Jerome Corsi, David Kupelian, Aaron Klein and many more presenters.

But now you can share in the political strategy sessions, learn about the inside political intrigue so relevant to the 2012 election and view some of the most spiritually inspiring messages shared anywhere in 2011 – and there's no danger of getting seasick or getting wet and cold in Alaska!

This is a five-DVD package you will watch many times and want to share with your family members and friends.

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