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Trans-Humanism: Destroying The Barriers (DVD)

By Ken Klein Productions with Thomas Horn

Are we being blindly led over a cliff? Have we opened a sealed door, a kind of Pandora’s Box, that was never intended to be opened?

Behind closed doors scientists have breached the genetic codes that separate the individuality of animal and plant species.

In the area of food production, new hybrid plant species have been scientifically engineered, with their derivative products commonly appearing on our supermarket shelves. But quietly, for two decades, scientists have taken the knowledge of genetic engineering to a frightening new level, merging animal DNA with human DNA, creating the potential and unthinkable reality of superhuman, nonhuman entities.

These developments along with their looming and terrible consequences, held back from the public eye, are exposed in this important and sobering new documentary.

"Trans-Humanism" blows the lid off a secretive area of technology where science may indeed be going too far.

Watch it. Show it to your friends. Give it to your pastor.

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