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The Privileged Planet (DVD)

"The Privileged Planet": Today, most scientists and philosophers claim that Earth is an ordinary speck of dust adrift, without purpose or significance, in a vast cosmic sea. This idea (popularized by the late astronomer Carl Sagan) is an outgrowth of the naturalistic philosophy that has dominated science for the past 150 years. Yet, remarkable evidence – unveiled by contemporary astronomy and physics – may now tell a very different story.

Building upon the overwhelming success of "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" (widely acclaimed as the most effective refutation of Darwinian theory ever produced), Illustra Media presents "The Privileged Planet." This hour-long documentary explores the scientific evidence for intelligent design and purpose in the universe. In the process, Earth is revealed as far more than the product of time, chance and random natural processes.

Starring: John Rhys-Davies

DVD Features:

  • Rated: Not Rated
  • Region: All Regions
  • Languages: English
  • Format: Full Screen
  • Bonus Material:
    • The Search for Earth-like Planets
    • Journey to the Edge of the Universe
    • Questions and Answers
    • Earth from Space
    • Reference Library
  • Time: 58 minutes
  • Release: 2004

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