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Flashpoint 2012 - DVD and Book bundle

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It seems everyone has a sense that something is terribly wrong in our world today. Both secularists and the religious are thinking about the seismic changes going on around the world, from natural disasters to economic meltdown.

Now, a trio of experts present compelling information about the state of the world, as seen through the lens of the Bible.

Dr. Mark Hitchcock deftly challenges the misplaced focus on the Mayan calendar, while Jim Fletcher presents observations from Israel today and how they line up with Bible prophecy. Finally, Dr. Thomas Sharp ties it all together with his discussions of origins issues and the prophetic.

Filmed at the first “Flashpoint 2012” conference, this DVD pack is a compelling and dynamic presentation of biblical truth in a topsy-turvy world.

FLASHPOINT 2012, paperback

David Hitt, Dr. Haskell Rycroft, Jeff Paddy, Terry James, Jan Markell, Dr. Jeffery Seif, Jim Fletcher, Noah Hutchings, Dr. John Morris Contributors: Todd Strandberg (Author), Dr. G. Thomas Sharp (Editor)

A never-seen-before, cutting edge literary compilation of essays from a cross-section of experts in their field that brings a comprehensive understanding to the timeline of reality, according to the Bible.

This first-of-its-kind collection of essays will bring the reader to a Biblical understanding that God had a plan from before time, and He has provided His “blueprint” for us in His Word. As with any good story, if one does not get the beginning right, and understand the origins of the protagonist and antagonist, they will most likely get lost somewhere in the story. By the end of the book, they will be totally disoriented and disappointed. And, thus it is with the reality of our lives: there is a direct connection between the beginning of space, mass, and time, and the ending of the same.

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