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Medical Murder: Architects of Madness (DVD)

by Bill Schnoebelen

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"If you are depressed, your God isn't big enough!" With these shocking words, Schnoebelen reveals how the global elite has usurped the role of the Christian Church in the healing of human souls and minds.

The third-highest cause of death in America is "iatrogenic" – induced in a patient by a physician! But that is not all the horror! A new study proves that aggressive radiation cancer treatments create a far more dangerous cancer cell than the one from which the patient is suffering: "The new study is yet another blow to the failed and favored mainstream treatment paradigm of trying to cut out, poison out or burn out cancer symptoms (tumors) instead of actually curing cancer."

But, there is more concern: the government is killing you as it subsidizes the top killers of our population.

"Health care" today is not "health care." It is "disease care." No effective treatment plan can begin until a disease is correctly diagnosed.

Few people realize that our modern medical establishment is rooted at its base with an occult spiritual goal; the pharmaceutical industry says it is trying to "heal your soul." The pharmaceutical industry has created a monopoly with the help of the occultic global elite and has attempted to replace the Church in the healing of souls. The word "psychiatry" in original Greek means the "healing of souls."

There has been a war for thousands of years between the elite approach to medicine and the natural approach to medicine. The newest battleground is the area of the mind and the soul, i.e., psychiatry.

The elite approach to healing mind and soul is through drugs, lobotomy and electroshock therapy. In the guise of healing a person, "Big Pharma" is actually producing death-dealing drugs! Americans today are completely hooked on the many drugs being pushed by the medical industry.

Today, there is no appreciable difference between the number of Christians who are depressed or mentally ill and those unsaved in the world. Christians are being encouraged to return to psychiatry rather than to God's biblical methods.

This DVD exposes how the official establishment has attempted to take control over the healing industry, enslaving and murdering millions with psychiatric methods. This DVD offers alternative treatments to the healing of the mind and of the soul according to biblical standards. The Church's approach is through prayer and dependence upon God.

You will see how the medical establishment is engaged in mass medical murder!

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  • 2 hours 35 minutes long

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