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The Watchers 6 (Movie)

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Evidence continues to mount that there once was an ancient civilization – apparently consisting of giants – that built tremendous structures on the earth.

  • Could they have been creating a network of power centers that we are only discovering today?
  • Is there anything in ancient texts or the Bible about it?
  • Is there a pattern, a construction method or a clue left by these ancient builders – a thread of evidence that wraps around the world?
  • Is there still one special location where unspoiled evidence can be found?

In “Watchers 6: The Secret Cosmic War,” the team goes to Peru to find out!

An unprecedented look into an ancient race that may have been part of the Nephilim, “Watchers 6” is perhaps the most ambitious Watchers film yet. Most of the bones that were collected over the centuries have been lost to us, whether accidentally or intentionally, even though they were routinely reported in many newspaper articles in the 1800s. But, as this team of experts converges in Lima, Peru, you’ll learn about lab tests performed on the hair of a mummy. Was it a hybrid being? And, by the end of the film, you'll see that elongated skulls and unexplained beings still can be found and examined.

Editorial Reviews

"Shaw and Marzulli have done it again with Watchers 6 and it is nothing short of breathtaking" – Arianna Eisenberg, AEGIS Film Group, Hollywood

“Spectacular production. This is really first-rate. Beautiful camera work and sound as well as powerful content!” – Brooks Agnew

“YAY … I LOVE IT! Did I also mention I LOVE IT? … Kudo’s to my favourite guys who uncover what we ALL want to know and see in always an illuminating, riveting and fascinating manner!” – Ariana Huffington Aegis Film Group

About the Producer

L.A. Marzulli is one of the leading experts on the Nephilim and has been a popular guest on talk shows, including “Coast to Coast AM” with George Noory. His other videos include

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