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Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews (DVD)

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Without a doubt, there is no more highly anticipated event in the history of mankind than the return of Christ to the earth, when all the maladies that have beset the human race will disappear.

Over the centuries numerous signs have pointed the world toward this magnificent concluding event, the most obvious being the mysterious return of the Jews to the Holy Land. After 2,000 years of being disenfranchised and cast out of their land they are now miraculously back, but there still remains one more sign, one last grand sign that has yet to come into view, and until it does it is the missing piece of the puzzle. That sign is the long awaited rebuilding of the Jewish temple.

Once the temple is rebuilt the "times of the gentiles" will come to an end, yet still, after centuries, the Jews continue to pray at the "wailing wall," believing religious tradition which places their temple where the Muslim Dome of the Rock defiantly sits. But was this really the actual site of their temple? Could the Jews possibly have been mistaken?

The implications of this are monumental, not just to Israel but to every human being on the face of the planet. This film is about that last sign.







About the Author

Ken Klein is no stranger to titanic battles. As a standout college football player and former NFL professional, Klein boasts that he is the last Jewish defensive back to play in the National Football League – maybe the only one. Raised in North Hollywood around many stars in the 1950s, you would think this environment would have been the obvious catalyst to have launched his writing and film-making career, but you would be wrong. His interest in film production and writing actually came later in life, after stumbling into the writings of the ancient Biblical prophets!

Now a popular author and speaker, Klein has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows where he provokes the audience to pay attention, watch, listen and think. His books and DVDs include “Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews,” “Lost Legend of the Great Pyramid: The Pillar of Enoch,” “Trans-Humanism: Destroying the Barriers” and “America, Globalism and the False Prophet,” which clearly deciphers deeply encrypted language in Revelation and pinpoints the world's – and history’s – greatest nation, the United States, in the prophetic record.

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  • Length: 92 minutes
  • Release: January 2013
  • Rating: G

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