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For the Record: I'M NOT CRAZY (DVD)

You know Molotov Mitchell's explosive short-form video commentary work for WND. His take-no-prisoners video commentaries are featured exclusively at WND every week.

Now it's time to see him in action in a longer-form DVD documentary in which he explores the issue of Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility for office.

Watch Mitchell and his sidekick, Constitution Kate, in an extended version of his "For the Record" series called "I'm Not Crazy," along with his first 10 WND short-form video commentaries, as they take apart Obama's unproven claims to the presidency.

The documentary, in inimitable Molotov Mitchell style, features interviews with Alan Keyes, Phil Berg and Ron Polarik and recounts Molotov's transformation from ardent skeptic to full-blown "birther."

You'll laugh till your sides split – and you'll be shocked by some amazing revelations:

  • Where was Barack Hussein Obama II born? Was it Hawaii? or Kenya?
  • Was he born in 1958 or 1961?
  • Why won't he release his long-form birth certificate?
  • Is he constitutionally ineligible to be president?
"I'm Not Crazy" – produced by Molotov's award-winning Illuminati Pictures – takes an inside look at the stone wall Obama's put up around much of his life ... a wall that is slowly crumbling around him and his cadre of enablers.

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