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Time is the Ally of Deceit Collection - Book and 5 DVD Study Series

Written By: Richard Rives

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A theologian and historian committed to discovering the original practices of Christianity, Richard Rives wrote the book “Time Is the Ally of Deceit.” This book takes a look at the roots of Christianity, then traces its blending with paganism up until the present day. Readers will be stunned by the changes that the worship of Jesus Christ has undergone since its beginning.

With this set you get both the book “Time Is the Ally of Deceit” and a 5-part DVD study series with Richard Rives. The DVD set includes: 5+ HOURS OF EXCITING AND INFORMATIVE VIDEO based on the book and which serves to complement the book:

  • Part 1 - Flee to the Mountains (53 min.): First-century believers, based on the warning by Jesus, fled Jerusalem prior to its destruction in 70 A.D.
  • Part 2 - Baal Comes to Rome (70 min.): During the third century, Roman emperors brought the worship of Baal to Rome. This consolidated the worship of all the sun gods under the title “Sol Invictus.”
  • Part 3 - The Persian Sun God Mithra (58 min.): Historians report that during the fourth century the worship of the Persian sun god Mithra mysteriously vanished as Christianity was established as the religion of the empire. Was it Mithraism that vanished? Or was it true Christianity?
  • Part 4 - Constantine and the Nicaean Council (51 min.): While his coins state that he was committed to the sun god Sol Invictus, Constantine became known as "the First Christian Emperor." As he presided over the Council of Nicaea, the date for the observance of Passover was changed from the biblically prescribed timing.
  • Part 5 - Remember the Sabbath Day (93 min.): Many theologians would tell us that Sunday has replaced the seventh day Sabbath, that in fact the law has been "nailed to the cross." Jesus said that until heaven and earth pass away not even the slightest aspect of the law would change.

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