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Reagan on Rushmore


Jack Kemp called it: “Beautifully done, an inspirational work of the highest quality in every aspect – a truly fitting tribute.”

Craig Shirley, author of "Reagan’s Revolution" and "Rendezvous With Destiny" about Reagan’s ’76 and ’80 campaigns, says: “Every Reagan admirer should have one. I have two – one hangs in my office, the other in my home. Conservatives love it – and it drives liberals nuts.”

Product Description

REAGAN ON RUSHMORE has to be seen to be believed – you would swear he’s already up there where he belongs with fellow giants of American history George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

Your gallery-quality photographic art collector’s item is custom printed by one of America’s premier professional photography services – Kessler Color – on state-of-the-art color presses.

Each image utilizes an innovative new format – digitally “virtually” double-matted, protected with UV fade guard and mounted on strong extruded plastic.

Display it as is – or easily slip it into an “off the shelf” frame. No costly mats to buy. No additional backing necessary. Even use of glass is unnecessary.

REAGAN ON RUSHMORE is a trademark-registered creation by Ambassador Fred J. Eckert (www.AmbassadorEckertImages.com) whom Reagan called “a good friend and valued advisor, a man of great experience and wisdom – one of a kind.” Besides having been twice appointed a U.S. Ambassador by President Reagan, Eckert also served as a conservative Republican congressman from New York and is an accomplished writer and photographer.

This photographic art work is an Eckert image of Mount Rushmore into which acclaimed aviation artist Ted Williams (www.tedwilliamsaviationart.com) has included Ronald Reagan, as the 20th century’s greatest U.S. president, just as he would appear in granite among these other giants of American history.

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