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The "NO MORE RED INK" Campaign

Do you realize there is a way for House Republicans alone to balance the budget and stop the deficit spending?

All they have to do is hang together and vote in a bloc against raising the debt limit – a vote sure to come up soon.

Conservative champions like Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Rep. Ron Paul have advocated just such a plan of attack. Of course, if the Republican majority in the House just votes in united fashion against raising the debt limit, it's off the table. Both houses of Congress have to approve the hike for it to be enacted.

To support this plan, WND's founder Joseph Farah has organized a campaign to make this a reality. It’s called the "NO MORE RED INK" campaign and its purpose is to force dramatic cuts in the federal budget.

You can join this campaign here by sending individually addressed letters in red ink to all 246 Republicans in the House by guaranteed Fed Ex delivery for only $29.99. If you tried to do this on your own, first-class postage alone would cost well over $100.

Already, more than 1 million red letters to the House Republicans. But they've repeatedly, behind the leadership of John Boehner, raised the limit anyway.

House Republicans hold all the power to make this happen. In fact, it will work even if a few don't go along. Only 218 no votes are needed to ensure the debt limit stays where it is at about $18 trillion.

This could be a historic campaign in turning America around this year. It could spell the end of Obamacare, the Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency and more.

Without the money necessary for extras, things like Planned Parenthood funding and obscene artwork sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts would have to go. So, too, would the propaganda we subsidize on National Public Radio and PBS!

What there would be money for would be the necessities, Social Security, Defense, Border Patrol, etc.

Here's what your letter, written in red ink, to every House Republican will say:

Dear Representative Smith:

America is on the precipice of economic disaster because of overspending by the federal government.

House Republicans, elected to the majority because they claimed to support constitutionally limited government, have vote repeatedly to raise the debt limit again, providing Barack Obama with a blank check for his social engineering programs.

Republicans will have an opportunity to responsible and accountable to the Constitution later this year when there again will be demands that the debt ceiling be raised.

This letter is to put you on notice that millions of Americans are embarked on a campaign to persuade Republican officeholders to keep their word about cutting spending and downsizing government. We don't want any five-year plans. We demand you do it in 2015 – freeze borrowing by opposing any new debt limit hike.

The effect of that vote will require instant downsizing to the tune of about $1 trillion. But the simple reality is that we cannot solve a debt problem with more borrowing.

Don't blow this opportunity by "negotiating" with Democrats over spending cuts. Force them to cut the budget with the nuclear weapon you already hold in your hands.

You are in a position to force them to accept a balanced budget this year by simply saying no to raising the debt limit.

Don't be intimidated by conventional, inside-the-beltway thinking. America cannot afford business as usual for much longer. You have the power – use it!

Vote "no" on raising the debt limit with no reservations or conditions!

Your country and your constituents will thank you.


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