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Reza Kahlili (a pseudonym used to protect his identity) is an American hero who continues to expose countless terrorist threats against the American people.

He is the author of the award-winning book "A Time to Betray," served in CIA Directorate of Operations, as a spy in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, as counterterrorism expert and currently serves on the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, an advisory board to Congress and the advisory board of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran.

But, most of all, Kahlili uses his vast network of sources within and without the Iranian regime to inform you of what’s coming to America in the way of terrorist attacks and the Islamic regime’s pursuit in acquiring the nuclear bomb.

WND has partnered with this courageous freedom fighter to ensure his reports are published.

This isn’t easy work, nor is it inexpensive.

Neither WND nor Kahlili have the financial resources to do it alone. Though Kahlili’s information is considered highly valuable to the U.S. government, it does not pay for it.

Just take a look at an excerpt of the latest of dozens of alarming reports Kahlili has published in WND in recent months:

“Iran has given the go-ahead to operatives of three terrorist groups that have infiltrated the United States to carry out missions, including what is expected to be a Mumbai-style attack on a hotel where innocent bystanders would be killed, WND has learned.

“A full report with many details of the missions has been passed on to U.S. officials.

“Three targets have been chosen within America for imminent attack, and the terror teams have now cut communications with the operational center in Iran, a sign that they are moving ahead with the attacks, according to a high-level intelligence officer within the Islamic regime.

“The source said the regime views the Boston bombing as a successful terrorist attack in which fear was created, U.S. intelligence questioned and a sense of security diminished. No link has been established yet to any group or nation for the Boston tragedy, which is the aim of this coalition of terrorists, formed by units of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, al-Qaida and Iran’s Quds Forces.

“As WND reported exclusively April 22, the regime’s Quds Forces have done extensive planning on gatherings, events and high-value targets in the U.S., but for two years have focused on events such as the Boston Marathon. The Quds Forces run an extensive network of terrorists out of South Asia.

“At the 2010 meeting, Qasem Soleimani (the head of the Quds Forces), Seif Adel (the operational head of al-Qaida) and Mustafa Badr al-Din (the operational head of Hezbollah) devised a plan for operations against America under a new coalition, dubbed the “Coalition of Muslim Soldiers.” This coalition includes al-Shabaab, an al-Qaida offshoot based in Somalia, and has its central command in the Iranian city of Kerman…

“More than 2,600 targets, including public places, government buildings and military installations, have been chosen for attack, and reconnaissance has been done. Information about some of the targets, based on direct knowledge of the source, has been given to U.S. officials to neutralize the threat and confront the terrorists. They include specific government buildings, news networks, malls and sports events.”

This is the kind of investigative reporting Reza Kahlili and WND have become known for. No one else is doing it. Even the U.S. agencies and officials are grateful for the specificity, detail and private briefings they get before the American people see these reports in WND.

This is information America’s vast array of intelligence bureaucracies is missing without this work.

And that’s alarming. Because, honestly, WND and Reza Kahlili just don’t have the financial resources to carry this burden. We need your help.

As the Islamic regime ruling Iran moves ever closer to reach its ultimate goal of acquiring the nuclear bomb and as it expands its terror network to harm our way of life, it is essential that we are able to continue our work with our sources to reveal the regime's secrets through dissemination of information, promote defection and help with bringing change in defeating this evil in Tehran.

We have continuously reported on the regime's secret activities which have caused major problems with the regime as it has pointed its fury toward us and our sources. Your help is needed to continue this effort and put an end to the appeasement of the radicals who rule Iran, who have no respect for humanity and stand against and in defiance of the most basic principles and fundamental forms taken by Western civilization.

Think about what Kahlili has reported through his network of sources: Iran teaming up with al-Qaida with one goal in mind – raining terror on America.

This is not news the Obama administration wants you to know. It would prefer if you believe al-Qaida is on the run, washed up and finished as a terrorist threat to the U.S. The administration would also like you to believe that Iran can be persuaded to give up its quest for nuclear weapons through diplomacy.

Every week, Reza Kahlili puts the lie to those fairytales.

Kahlili has become one of the Iranian regime’s worst nightmares, having exposed in the pages of WND the regime’s continued development of nuclear weapons. So devastating to Iran have been Kahlili’s reports that Iranian officials have attacked WND by name, as have their surrogates in Hezbollah.

It’s not so much WND Iran detests as it is Reza Kahlili – a truth-teller who loves his adopted home of America as well as his former homeland of Iran.

He’s a walking, talking example of why some of the best Americans are actually foreigners – refugees from hellish, authoritarian nightmare lands like Iran.

Reza Kahlili has risked his life doing undercover work inside Iran – and he continues to risk his life exposing the regime in his new life as a journalist and expert on the threat posed by Iran to the security of the West and the stability of the world.

He’s a heroic figure and an inspiration to me. I’m honored to work with him on a daily basis and to provide a forum for his explosive investigative reporting.

Why do I tell you all this?

Because we need more heroes, truth-tellers and risk-takers like Reza Kahlili to save America from its current course. We need them more than ever. I’m talking about the kind of people who made America the greatest experiment in liberty the world has ever known.

I also tell you because we need to support him in his daring and vital work.

Heroes are hard to come by in America these days, but there are a few standouts.

Reza Kahlili is one.

Though his reports have often made news, he remains a mysterious and enigmatic figure to most Americans. He can’t show his face. He can’t reveal his true identity.

But Americans need to know Reza Kahlili and his work.

Will you contribute whatever you can in these tough economic times?

If everyone reading this plea would donate even $1 one time, it would be more than enough to sustain and expand the investigative work Kahlili and WND are doing in the arena of national security. There is little question it would save lives. There is little doubt it would result in terror attacks averted and foiled.

I urge you today to make a contribution to this fund in any amount you can afford -- $3, $5, $10, $25, $50 or more.

If you value our work, please understand we need your help to continue it.

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