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Fund To Retire Tod Akin's 2012 Campaign Debt

A plea from WND founder Joseph Farah:

There are very few principled politicians here in Washington where I live and work to bring you the news each day.

You’ll never see me asking for donations for establishment politicians of either party.

But there is a distinguished former member of Congress who needs our help. You know his name – Todd Akin of Missouri. He was Karl Rove’s scapegoat for the election debacle of 2012. Why? Because Karl Rove and the Republican establishment never had any use for Todd Akin or any other true conservative. Rove opposed him in the primary race for the Republican Senate campaign against Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill. And Rove and the Republican establishment pulled the rug out from under Todd Akin when he won the primary race without their help.

You know and I know that Rove and company were looking for an excuse to stab Todd Akin in the back in the general election. And that’s exactly what they did when the media seized on one little misuse of one little word in one little press interview.

There was nothing “legitimate” about that betrayal.

Todd Akin lost the race to Claire McCaskill. It wasn’t enough that he was challenging an incumbent senator. He also had to fight the Republican establishment throughout the campaign – and do without any party financial resources in what would have been a tough race in any case.

Today Todd Akin is doing what an honorable man would do after a tough race – working hard to pay off his campaign debts. And that’s why I’m writing to you.

It’s a sad fact that Republicans not only eat their own, but, too often, they also leave their wounded on the battlefield. That’s exactly where Todd Akin’s party left him in 2012 – defeated and in debt.

Todd Akin fought the good fight in the House of Representatives for 24 years. He could have remained in his comfortable House seat there like so many members do. But instead he took a risk to challenge an incumbent senator because he put the future of his country ahead of his own personal comfort.

Here’s a brief personal message from my friend Todd Akin, who never before found himself in the position of paying off campaign debt: “Now with the Obama administration increasingly placing itself above the law, and tightening its grip on all of our lives, I must use my time working to pay off our remaining campaign debt. The battle we fought and lost to put me into the Senate was but a skirmish in our national campaign to save our country. The war goes on. The need for proven statesmen who know and revere our Constitution is acute. Your donation will help send me back into the fight for freedom.”

I am asking you today to make a contribution to Todd Akin’s campaign to retire his debt so he can get back to the business of supporting his family and getting on with his life.

Checks written to Todd Akin for Senate may be sent to:

Todd Akin for Senate
PO Box 31222
St. Louis, MO 63131

* Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to obtain and report the name, mailing address, occupation and employer of any individual for each contribution made after his/her aggregate total for the election cycle exceeds $200. No corporate checks can be accepted. Federal limit is $2,600 per individual. An individual contribution on a joint banking account in excess of this Federal limit will automatically be attributed to the account’s partner, but we will still need that individual’s signature of approval on the check. Your contribution is not tax-deductible for Federal income tax purposes.

No Corporate Checks can be accepted.

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