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WND’s Joseph Farah is not sitting idly by and watching the 2012 election stolen through blatant voter fraud and campaign finance violations committed by the Obama campaign.

Even before Election Day, Farah and WND filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission charging the Obama campaign with knowingly accepting foreign contributions without even a modicum of scrutiny.

To prove that the Obama campaign was willingly accepting cash contributions from foreigners, WND went to great lengths – using a proxy server in Pakistan, staffers placed small donations using a disposable credit card under the name Osama bin Laden, occupation “deceased terrorist.” His company was listed as “al-Qaida.”

Every red flag we could conceive of was used to ensure that the contributions would be rejected. They were not.

“Something tells me this was the tip of the iceberg,” said Farah. “Obama accepted foreign contributions in 2008, as we had proven then. And he did it again in 2012, without any fallout.”

If you want to help ensure that travesties like this are punished, corrected and such abuses never occur again in America’s future elections, please support this fund to see this challenge through.

It has already cost thousands of dollars in legal fees just to file the complaint. Meanwhile, some in the press are suggesting the prosecution of WND staffers for making “illegal contributions.”

“We need your help,” says Farah. “WND is not afraid to push the envelope and expose fraud and abuse like this. But we appreciate it when supporters have our back.”

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