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Gypsy Smith's "Exit Stage 2000" (CD-Rom)

Gypsy Smith's most memorable cartoons from the 2000 election season. All your favorites, from the "Palm Beach Shuffle" to "Butterfly Ballot" to "Skeeting for Gun-Grabbers."

Featured artist takes Flash technology to new artistic, satirical limits.

David "Gypsy" Smith, the multitalented writer, animator, musician, voice artist, producer and director has produced one of the funniest CDs in the history of American politics!

Smith is a world-class artist and sculptor sought after by some of the biggest giants of the entertainment world – including Walt Disney World, Viacom and Time Warner. He has worked with theme parks and restaurants, the Cartoon Network and Universal Studios as well.

During the 2000 presidential campaign, Smith produced satirical cartoons for WND – that became a smash hit with readers as well as TV networks such as NBC, MSNBC and Fox.

With Election Day 2012 in sight, Smith's cartoons are a hysterical blast from the past. "Exit Stage 2000" features all of your favorites – from Janet "Mary Poppins" Reno to the "Palm Beach Shuffle" to "Hannity & Butthead."

Here's the complete rundown:

  • Al the Titan
  • Presidential Showdown
  • The Butterfly Ballot
  • Bush/Gore Debate
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Palm Beach Shuffle
  • Bill Sings "Help!"
  • Hannity and Butthead
  • Mad Madeleine
  • Rosie O' Show
  • The Legacy
  • Janet Poppins
  • Box the Candidate
  • S&W Clinton Pacifier
  • Skeeting for Gun-Grabbers

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