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Faraday Cage

"The damage [from an EMP attack] could be catastrophic to the Nation, and our current vulnerability invites attack." – U.S. EMP Commission's Report to Congress, Volume 1: Executive Report

Product Description

Are you prepared for a terrorist electromagnetic pulse (EMP) strike or lightning strikes? Many experts say it’s not a matter of if it happens – either by natural or man-made causes – but only a matter of when.

In the event of an EMP strike all your electronic devices are vulnerable to destruction. To be sure your electronics will survive, they need to be inside a "Faraday cage" environment. If you are serious about protecting your devices or privacy this is the unit for you.

Manufactured specifically for WND, these 3-foot-long by nearly 2-foot-tall cages are large enough to store:

  • Medical devices such as diabetes test meters, respiratory equipment and more
  • Computers, laptops and peripherals
  • Home electronics
  • Video equipment
  • Cellphones
  • Small appliances
  • Business electronics including phone systems, backups and more.

The Faraday cage will shield against High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) and EMP and is effective against electromagnetic interference (EMI) up to 1GHz, providing you the maximum protection of your communication and vital electronic devices. Specially designed and Made in America, these cages provide 104dB shielding effectiveness per military standard testing (MIL STD 188-125-1/2). The performance of the box at the most challenging high-frequency testing resulted in no performance degradation.

20inches tall by 24 inches wide by 36 inches long, constructed of aluminum with mill finish and embossed top and bottom. The cage includes a zinc-finished steel lid secured by a 14-latch system for a tight seal and maximum fortification. The built-in handles provide ease of lifting and mobility. The interior EMI gasket provides an antistatic foam interior liner.

10-Year Guarantee

The unit comes with a 10-year protection, guaranteed against oxidation. Note: The guarantee does not include the gasket, which is replaceable and is a maintenance item if the box (or “cage”) is heavily used, e.g., daily open/close cycles. Use is intended for long-term storage of EMP-sensitive components or electronics.

Quantities are limited. Purchase today to ensure delivery of your Faraday cage.

Product Details

  • Size: 20”T x 24”W x 36” L
  • Interior size: 19'T x 23.5"W x 33"L
  • Weight: 55 lbs.

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