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The Book Of Genesis (DVD)

By Chuck Missler

Product Description

Recent breakthroughs in the fields of physics, technology and biology led Chuck Missler to update and re-record this wonderful study in Genesis. With over 24 hours of teaching, this verse-by-verse study of the book of Genesis has been one of our most sought-after and bestselling series.

Pulling back the veil of prehistory, Chuck takes you on a journey into the very nature of our universe, exploring the mechanics of creation, time and space, the physics of eternity and the intricate design of God's wonderful plan for our salvation.

This foundational study begins where any true adventure does:
"In the Beginning ...."

The Genesis commentary includes the following studies on eight DVDs:
•Genesis Session 1 - Introduction, The Book of Beginnings, Is the Bible Inerrant?
•Genesis Session 2 - Day One, Satan, The Mysteries of Light.
•Genesis Session 3 - 2nd Day, The Fabric of Space, Stretching the Heavens, Hyperdimensions, Boundaries of Reality.
•Genesis Session 4 - 3rd Day, Dry Land, Seas, Vegetation, The Water Molecule, The Cell Revealed.
•Genesis Session 5 - 4th Day, The Nebular Hypothesis, The Long Day of Joshua, Signs in the Heavens.
•Genesis Session 6 - 5th Day, The Mystery of Life.
•Genesis Session 7 - 6th Day, The Architecture of Man, The Nature of Time.
•Genesis Session 8 - 7th Day, The Sabbath.
•Genesis Session 9 - Chapter 3, The Seed Plot of the Entire Bible.
•Genesis Session 10 - Chapters 4-5, The 2nd Murder, The Genealogy of Noah.
•Genesis Session 11 - Chapter 6 - The Days of Noah.
•Genesis Session 12 - Chapters 7-8 - The Flood.
•Genesis Session 13 - Chapters 9-10 - The Post-Flood World.
•Genesis Session 14 - Chapter 11 - The Tower of Bab-El.
•Genesis Session 15 - Chapters 12-15 - The Call of Abraham.
•Genesis Session 16 - Chapters 16-20 - The Walk of Abraham.
•Genesis Session 17 - Chapters 21, 22, 24 - The Birth of Isaac, The Offering of Isaac, A Bride for Isaac.
•Genesis Session 18 - Chapters 23, 25-27 - The Death of Sarah, Birth of Esau and Jacob, The Covenant Confirmed, The Stolen Blessing.
•Genesis Session 19 - Chapters 28-31 - Jacob at Bethel, Leah and Rachel, Sons of Jacob, Jacob's Flight.
•Genesis Session 20 - Chapters 32-36 - Jacob's Wrestling, Jacob Reconciles With Esau, Dinah Avenged, Jacob Returns to Bethel, The Generations of Esau.
•Genesis Session 21 - Chapters 37-39 - Joseph's Dreams, Judah's Sin With Tamar (Review of Ruth), Joseph Imprisoned.
•Genesis Session 22 - Chapters 40-45 - Joseph in Egypt.
•Genesis Session 23 - Chapters 46-48, 50 - The Family in Egypt.
•Genesis Session 24 - Chapter 49 - The Tribes Prophetically.

Product Details
•Encoding: Region 0 (NTSC only. This DVD will be viewable in other countries WITH the proper DVD player and television set.)
•Format: Color, Fullscreen
•Aspect Ratio: 4:3
•Audio Encoding: Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo
•Run Time: 28+ hours
•Number of discs: 8

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