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The Men and Marriage Bundle

By Suzanne Venker

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In December 2012, bestselling author Suzanne Venker wrote an explosive op-ed for FoxNews called "The War on Men." In just under a week, and with over a million unique viewers, Venker ignited a nation-wide debate on issues fundamentally important to America and her values: family, marriage, and gender relations. Elaborating on the issue that sparked such heated debate, Venker’s WND Single bearing the same name— "The War on Men"—provides a concise and forthright appraisal of the damaging power of feminism and how America can do an about face that values and upholds both genders.


In February 2013, Venker is releasing her much-anticipated third book,  "How to Choose a Husband", which provides a more detailed and comprehensive look not only into feminism's war on men, but also all issues critical to marriage, family, relationships, and personal fulfillment.

In this exclusive Men and Marriage Bundle, receive an autographed, hardcover copy and eBook copy of "How to Choose a Husband," along with an electronic copy of the WND Single "The War on Men." 

Kit Details:

How to Choose a Husband (Hardcover)
How to Choose a Husband (e-book)
The War on Men (e-book)

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Author Bio

A former teacher-turned-social critic, Suzanne Venker is an author and speaker on politics, marriage, parenting, and the culture. A well-known commentator on cultural issues, Suzanne has appeared on ABC, CNN, FOX, Huff-Po Live and C-Span—as well as hundreds of radio shows throughout the country, including the Laura Ingraham Show. Her previous books include "The Flipside of Feminism" and "7 Myths of Working Mothers."

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