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The Late Great USA BOOK + DVD (Bundle)

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Bundle includes both "The Late Great USA" Book and DVD by Jerome Corsi

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The Late Great USA (Book)
Using dozens of documents secured through the Freedom of Information Act and his trademark hard-hitting interviews, Jerome Corsi sets out a chilling view of America's possible "harmonized" future – one being created covertly, without voter input or congressional oversight. Could our government's unfathomable position on illegal immigration be tied to the prospect of an integrated North American Union?

The Late Great USA (DVD)
In this DVD, a companion to his bestselling book, WND author Jerome Corsi offers convincing evidence the Security and Prosperity Partnership is laying the groundwork for the unthinkable – a merger of the U.S., Mexico and Canada into a European Union-type “North American Union,” complete with a shared judiciary, open borders and a new currency designed to replace the dollar – the amero.

120 minutes

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