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The Beast on the East River (book)

By Nathan Tabor

Do not underestimate the driving force of the United Nations toward global control and the downfall of American life as we know it.

In his debut book, rising conservative voice Nathan Tabor offers a frightening exposé of the United Nations’ global power grab and its ruthless attempt to control U.S. education, law, gun ownership, taxation and reproductive rights.

“We are already very nearly at the point of no return,” says Tabor, “and most Americans aren’t even aware of the impending danger. This book is a call to immediate action – read its contents very carefully. What you will discover may surprise and anger you.”

Tabor explains the U.N.'s goals and methods of subversion and warns that we as American citizens must cling to our sovereignty as a nation. Goals include brainwashing Americans to think negatively about their nation, controlling iconic American landmarks and gaining financial independence by global taxation.

Tabor references one U.N. publication statement that in order to promote a global mindset, they will indoctrinate the education system to eradicate the nationalistic, individualistic ideology. According to Tabor, the U.N.'s goal is "to overcome the deep-seated attitudes of self-reliance, individualism and independence that have permeated American thought and culture for generations." American teachers are encouraged by the U.N. and the National Education Association to employ “state-approved, politically correct attitudes.”

Their goal is world government and domination. Tabor states that there are three steps that must happen before the U.N. can become a world government. First, the U.N. will seek a permanent source of income so that it will no longer rely on individual nation-states. Second, the U.N. will create its own judicial system to replace the settled and customary laws of individual nations. Finally, the U.N. needs to build its own separate and independent military.

The U.N.’s failure to stop wars and curb genocides is well known. Taxpayers are increasingly burdened to fund the U.N., the school systems are being infiltrated – in short, America is increasingly secularized and heading for globalization. Tabor’s work is a timely warning to all American patriots.


“America’s strength is rooted in America’s independence and we must always be wary of attempts to compromise our sovereignty. Nathan Tabor’s new book accurately describes many of the problems at the United Nations and his warning of the challenges we face through our membership in the UN should not be ignored. Can we use our moral and strategic leadership at the UN for good without compromising or risking our freedom? That is a question we must ask again and again.” – Senator Jesse Helms

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