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Ten Tortured Words (Book)

By Stephen Mansfield

"How the Founding Fathers Tried to Protect Religion in America ... and What's Happened" Since

Based on an intriguing examination of the First Amendment, "Ten Tortured Words" embodies centuries of diverse American legal ideas on the role of religion in our society. The First Amendment to the Constitution is one of the most fascinating, misunderstood, controversial and defining sentences in American history. It has also undergone more transformation as a principle of law than any other intention of the Founding Fathers of this country. As important as this single constitutional sentence is, few Americans know what it says, much less what it means and when it came into being. "Ten Tortured Words" combines extensive historical and legal research with interviews of contemporary thinkers and American voices, yet is practical in its examination of religion in society.

Mansfield pulls the reader into the first chapter with a gripping, imaginative description of America as a secular nation, worshipping the “goddess of reason.” he warns that “a people without a heritage are easily persuaded,” and shows that America is in the process of forgetting her Christian roots. He then explains what it was that the fathers founded.

In an intimate description of Thomas Jefferson, Mansfield explains the real origin of the long-touted phrase “separation of church and state.” Follow Mansfield through historical and social records, including letters to Thomas Jefferson, as he discusses the intended role of religion in our society.

Through stories, anecdotes and reference to people and events in U.S. history, Mansfield goes on to show how the First Amendment has been convoluted – resulting in disastrous court hearings. The entire book is captivating; Mansfield’s style is engaging and easy to read.

This book includes Appendices on The Fathers on Faith and Government, and Words from the Frontlines of Faith.

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