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Showdown with Nuclear Iran - (Hardcover)

By Michael Evans with Jerome Corsi

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This new release is a terrifying examination of how Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, believes he has a "divine mission" to usher in the apocalypse and thereby herald the second coming of a Shia Muslim messiah.

A radical Shiite zealot, Ahmadinejad is trying to achieve this destruction by building his nuclear arsenal while threatening to cripple America and destroy Israel in a nuclear holocaust.

Written by bestselling author and Middle East expert Mike Evans, "Showdown with Nuclear Iran" is the ultimate authority on the frightening motives of Iran's leader … and it predicts what horrors are in store for America if Ahmadinejad has his way.

This book is based on interviews with top U.S. and Israeli officials and heads of state. Evans’ points include:

•Iran’s nuclear project is being built primarily by Russia, whose goal is to rebuild its empire by precipitating a Gulf oil states nuclear arms race.

•Iran is winning the media ops war because it lionizes martyrs.

•Democracies value human lives and do not hide behind their civilians.

•The U.S. will be forced to attack Iran once Israel commits to go it alone. Israel can take out only 40 to 50 targets. Iran has more than 1,000 strategic aim points that would have to be neutralized to prevent them from retaliating. Thus the U.S., rather than joining Israel in an attack, will ask Israel to stand down. The U.S. will then singularly have to destroy Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran is on a “god-assigned” mission to usher in the “second coming of the Mahdi.” This character is also known as “the 12th Imam,” the 12th descendant of Muhammad. Iran believes this “second coming” will be sparked by an apocalyptic event against the "Great Satan" (America) and the "Little Satan" (Israel).

This stunning book shows how Iran’s determination to become a nuclear power warrants immediate preemptive action.


“The most detailed account of the Iranian regime’s determination, policy, and plan to acquire military nuclear capabilities. Mike Evans delves into the roots of the Iranian revolution and explores Iranian history to better understand a major challenge to the western world. He compellingly analyzes policy options for confronting this threat.” - Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya’alon, ret., Former Chief of Staff, Israeli Defense Forces

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•Hardcover: 288 pages
•Publisher: Thomas Nelson (October 3, 2006)
•ISBN-10: 1595550755
•Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.3 x 1.1 inches

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