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Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life... (Hardcover)

By Phil Robertson and Mark Schlabach

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Duck calls – though the source of his livelihood – are not what makes Phil Robertson the man he is today. When asked what matters in his life, he’s quick to say, “Faith, family, ducks – in that order.”

It isn’t often that a person can live a dream, but Phil Robertson, aka The Duck Commander, has proven that it is possible with vision, hard work, helping hands and an unshakable faith in the Almighty. Phil’s is the remarkable story of one man who followed the call he received from God and soon after invented a duck call that would begin an incredible journey to the life he had always dreamed of for himself and his family. In the love of his country, his family and his Maker, Phil has finally found the ingredients to the “good life” he always wanted.

If you ever wind up sitting face-to-face with Phil, you’ll see that his enthusiasm and passion for duck hunting and the Lord is no act – it is truly who he is.

If you’ve watched the exceedingly popular A&E program "Duck Dynasty," you already know the famed Phil Robertson. As patriarch of the Robertson clan and creator of Duck Commander duck calls, he fearlessly leads his family in a responsible work ethic and an active faith.

But what you don’t know is his life before the show. In the pages of this book, you’ll learn of Phil’s colorful past and his wild road to the “happy, happy, happy” life he leads today. Before the “happy,” Phil’s passion for the outdoors and wild living led him down some shady paths. As a young husband and father, he became the proprietor of a rough bar and lived a life, as he says, of “romping, stomping, and ripping” for a number of years. He even left his wife and young boys for a short period of time.

Through it all, Phil Robertson has lived his life as a “called” man. Called to live off the land, called to leave a starring role in Louisiana Tech football (playing ahead of Terry Bradshaw) for duck hunting, called to create a new kind of duck call – and finally, called to leave a life of wild living and follow God in a life of faith.

In this eye-opening and rousing book, you’ll find stories that will shock you as well as inspire you. You’ll get to know the man behind the legend, and you’ll come away better for it.

Customer Reviews


“In my humble opinion, we need more people like Phil Robertson and his family in this world. Phil's story is a story of some bad choices at a young age, seeking redemption from a higher power, and positive changes.” – Jason Baker


“What a great book - started watching the show last year. This family has the values worthy of passing on!” – Julia Maxwell

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“When I picked up "Happy, Happy, Happy" by Phil Robertson, I was very excited to get an even better understanding of his testimony and his love for God. … The book did exactly that.

Through numerous tips like "Simplify your life" and "Don't try to figure out women" and "Buy a house near water" and "If you're going to do something, do it right" and "Learn to forgive", Phil's humorous wit and point-blank opinions keep the story interesting and fun.Phil holds nothing back, touching on politics, faith, nature, family, lifestyles and our busy society. His testimony is a platform for him to share about God's plan and the consequences of stepping outside of God's desires for our lives. He voices each chapter with a surety of knowing that God's word is the ultimate guide to live by for everyone on earth.

I was very impressed with the direct way Phil approaches tough topics facing America today. I'm thankful that he is proclaiming the message that Jesus is the answer for every topic and struggle we face! The book includes a great pictures section mid-way through and gives you a few new glimpses into the Robertson life.” – Jenilee220, Ohio

About the Author

Phil Robertson was born and raised in a small town near Shreveport, La. After college he spent several years teaching but soon decided to devote his talents elsewhere: He began to experiment with making a call that would produce the exact sound of a duck, and thus Duck Commander was born. Duck Commander is still a family business, now featured on the A&E TV series "Duck Dynasty."

Mark Schlabach is co-author of the New York Times bestselling book "Called to Coach: Reflections on Life, Faith, and Football" and "The Duck Commander Family." He is one of the most respected and popular college football columnists in the country. He and his wife live in Madison, Ga., with their three children.

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