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The 90-Minute MBA (Book)

By Arnold S. Grundvig, Jr.

This book could change your life! “The 90-Minute MBA®” is the companion book to Arnold Grundvig Jr.’s renowned 90-Minute MBA Seminars and offers practical and effective management strategies from the real-life successes (and failures) of thousands of business owners and managers. It presents the accumulated knowledge and insights of thousands of small business owners. By the time you’re finished you will know which type of SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) type you are. Other topics to ruminate:

  • Profit vs. Cash: “My accountant says I made money but I can't pay the bills. What am I doing wrong?”

  • Cash Management: Do you track what you have, what you expect and what you need, day by day, day after day? So, you manage by putting out fires?

  • Embezzlement: Did you know that one in four businesses is being embezzled on any given day?

  • SWOT Reality Check: What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?

  • Can you do it all? Outsourcing can save your business. There is value in specializing. Ask Ralph Lauren!

  • Your Dreams: Do you have any? First visualize, then fulfill your dreams. Do you know how?

    What seminar participants are saying about "The 90 Minute MBA":

  • "This is what I should have known when I got my MBA. Why don’t they teach this at business school?"

  • "I used to have problems sleeping at night, fearing the unknown. After I did a SWOT analysis, I understood so much, I figured out where I was and where I was going. I sleep a lot better now."

    This book will help you recognize the most common traps and pitfalls awaiting unsuspecting entrepreneurs, and you will find out what others have done, what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly you will be given the tools to help you go from the Panic Stage of business into the Prosperity Stage. Don’t miss this opportunity to remap your future!

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