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Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit (Paperback)

By Al Gore

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Amid today’s ubiquitous “green” marketing trends, officials’ scoldings about sustainability and guilt trips over the impact of your carbon footprint, it’s worth considering how such sentiments – and their motivation and ramifications – were mainstreamed, especially as environmental protection is cited by leaders elected and appointed as the scientific justification for governing virtually every aspect of human life.

Former Vice President Al Gore is known for opening – and attempting to close – the debate on global warming. Published in 1992 by the then-senator, his bestselling “Earth in the Balance” gave the environmental cause a dignitary’s blessing. And like a CFC light bulb illuminating over their heads, it gave legislators a legion of things to legislate.

While Gore’s #1 New York Times bestseller, “An Inconvenient Truth,” also an Oscar-winning documentary, lectured on how human activity is making the earth overheat, “Earth in the Balance” offers a broader indictment. Positioning himself as a lifelong defender of the environment, he warns that our everyday choices pose threats to our climate, water, soil and diversity of plant and animal life. Our decisions, he writes, can endanger or safeguard the vulnerable ecosystem that sustains us.

"I remember the fierce criticism I got eight years ago, when I wrote 'Earth in the Balance'," says Gore. "I expected that criticism then, and I wear it as a badge of honor today."

Gore also enjoys immense acclaim – including receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for his environmental evangelizing. “Earth in the Balance” analyzes where humanity supposedly went wrong, blaming history, politics, science, economics, psychology, philosophy and religion. The seriousness of the crisis, “Earth in the Balance” reasons, requires a bold and visionary response, and it’s helped prompt just that. At the United Nations major climate summit at Copenhagen, a global power structure sought to impose agreements that hammer industry, hamper innovation and hamstring individual freedom. It’s all done in the name of saving the world from the “toxin” of carbon dioxide – something every living being exhales. The event drew media attention when U.N. gatekeepers denied press credentials to Jerome Corsi, WND senior staff writer and multiple New York Times bestselling author.

Meanwhile, Gore and other global warming adherents belittle the unfolding “climategate” scandal, which is captivating people across the world with intercepted emails exposing leading scientists conspiring to vilify global-warming skeptics and hide and rig data to falsify warming trends. Gore has dismissed the emails as “sound and fury signifying nothing” and “wildly out of context.”

For broader context – and a better understanding of environmental zeitgeist – check out “Earth in the Balance.”

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