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Deconstructing Obama (Hardcover)

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By Jack Cashill

Product Description

Did Obama write his own books, and is the story they tell true?

“I've written two books,” Barack Obama told a crowd of teachers in July of 2008. “I actually wrote them myself.” The teachers exploded in laughter. They got the joke: Lesser politicians were not bright enough to do the same. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama supporters pointed to the first of those two books, the 1995 memoir "Dreams From My Father," as proof of Obama’s superior intellect. Time magazine called "Dreams" “the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician.” The Obama campaign machine traded on the candidate’s literary reputation, encouraging volunteers to “get out the vote and keep talking to others about the genius of Barack Obama.”

There was just one small flaw, as writer and literary detective Jack Cashill discovered months before the November 2008 election: Nothing in Obama’s history suggested he was capable of writing either "Dreams" or his 2006 book "The Audacity of Hope." In fact, as Cashill continued his research, he came to the shocking conclusion that the real craftsman behind "Dreams" was terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers.

“This was a charge,” David Remnick admits in his definitive Obama biography "The Bridge," “that if ever proved true, or believed to be true among enough voters, could have been the end of the candidacy.”

"Deconstructing Obama" tells the story of what happens when a citizen journalist discovers a game-changing reality that the media refuse to acknowledge. Despite their rejection, Cashill expanded his research into Obama’s literary canon. As he came to see, if "Dreams" serves as sacred text, the poem “Pop” is the Rosetta stone, the key to deciphering Obama’s shrouded past, his fragile psyche and his uniquely cryptic political life. In unlocking that past, Cashill discovered that the story that Obama has been telling all his life varies from the true story in ways big and small. In fact, much of Obama’s life story appears to be a wholly constructed fabrication, one that Jack Cashill “deconstructs” to show the world just who Barack Obama really is.

About the Author

Jack Cashill, a regular contributor to WND, is an Emmy award-winning independent writer and producer with a Ph.D. in American Studies from Purdue. He has also written for Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Weekly Standard and AmericanThinker.com. He is the author or co-author of numerous books including “First Strike,” “Officer’s Oath” “Hoodwinked,” “Sucker Punch,” “What's the Matter With California?” and his latest blockbuster, “Deconstructing Obama: The Lives, Loves and Letters of America’s First Postmodern President.”

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•Hardcover: 352 pages
•Publisher: Threshold Editions (February 15, 2011)
•Language: English
•ISBN-10: 1451611110
•ISBN-13: 978-1451611113

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