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Dead Men Flying (Autographed)(Hardcover)

By General Patrick Henry Brady & Meghan Brady Smith

Victory in Viet Nam The Legend of Dust Off: America's Battlefield Angels

Book Description

Viet Nam may be the only war we ever fought – or perhaps the only war that ever was fought – in which American soldiers added to their heroism with humanitarianism unmatched in the annals of warfare. And the humanitarianism took place during the heat of battle: The GI fixed as he fought, cured and educated, and he built in the middle of battle. He truly cared for – and about – those people. What other army has ever done that? Humanitarianism was America’s great victory in Viet Nam.

Spearheading the humanitarian efforts were the air ambulance operations, call sign Dust Off, the most dangerous of all aviation operations, which rescued some 1 million souls in Viet Nam. This is the story of Charles Kelly, the father of Dust Off who also gave his life to save it – the greatest lifesaver ever. His dying words, “When I have your wounded,” set the standard for combat medicine to this day.

It is also the story of the author, Medal of Honor recipient Gen. Patrick Brady, who learned from Charles Kelly and struggled to meet his standard. Brady led the 54th Medical Detachment as it rescued over 21,000 wounded – enemy and friendly – in 10 months, for which it was awarded 26 Purple Hearts. Finally, “Dead Men Flying” is the story of salvation in the midst of horror, courage in the face of adversity – and the miracle of faith in the heat of combat. A riveting tale from America’s most decorated living soldier, this is a book that no American can afford to ignore.

Editorial Reviews


“Dead Men Flying, General Brady’s account of the Dust Off battlefield angels, offers as much, if not more, credit to Charles Kelly, the father of Dust Off, a fallen hero who was Brady’s mentor. … In his Epilogue to Dead Men Flying, Brady makes the case for the patriotism of our veterans: ‘America has no kings or queens, but we have a nobility: our nobility is called veterans. These men were heroes, not celebrities and much of America no longer knows the difference. A true hero does not feel he did America a favor by his service; he feels God did him a favor by allowing him to be born in America.’”

San Antonio Express-News

“… the book is a hard-charging, rip-snorting account of the war and the role Brady played in it — namely, piloting UH-1B Huey helicopter ambulances that plucked the wounded, sick and injured out of jungles, rice paddies and off mountainsides and saved thousands of lives during the war.” – Bob Richter

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