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Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth

By Ben Shapiro

When parents send their children off to college, they hope they'll return more cultivated, knowledgeable and astute – able to see issues from all points of view. But, according to author Ben Shapiro, there's only one view allowed on most college campuses: a rabid brand of liberalism that must be swallowed hook, line and sinker.

In this explosive bestseller published by WND Books, Shapiro, a recent college student himself, reveals how America's university system is one of the largest brainwashing machines on the planet. Examining this nationwide problem from firsthand experience, Shapiro shows how the leftists who dominate the universities – from the administration to the student government, from the professors to the student media – use their power to mold impressionable minds.

Fresh and bitterly funny, this book proves that the universities, far from being places for open discussion, are really dungeons of the mind that indoctrinate students to become socialists, atheists, race-baiters and narcissists.

"Benjamin Shapiro... future president of the United States."
- Larry Elder

"Ben Shapiro's columns are smart, informative and incisive. He is wise beyond his years without losing the refreshing fearlessness of youth."
- Ann Coulter

"If you haven't yet partaken of Ben Shapiro's writings you are missing out. His columns are crisp, witty and topical. More than that, they are provocative, controversial and courageous."
- David Limbaugh

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