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American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character (Hardcover)

by Diana West

Book Description

In "The Death of the Grown-Up," Diana West diagnosed the demise of Western civilization by looking at its chief symptom: our inability to become adults who render judgments of right and wrong. In "American Betrayal," West digs deeper to discover the root of this malaise and uncovers a body of lies that Americans have been led to regard as the near-sacred history of World War II and its Cold War aftermath.

Part real-life thriller, part national tragedy, "American Betrayal" lights up the massive, Moscow-directed penetration of America’s most hallowed halls of power, revealing not just the familiar struggle between communism and the free world, but the hidden war between those wishing to conceal the truth and those trying to expose the increasingly official web of lies.

"American Betrayal" is America’s lost history, a chronicle that pits Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight David Eisenhower and other American icons who shielded overlapping communist conspiracies against the investigators, politicians, defectors and others (including Sen. Joseph McCarthy) who tried to tell the American people the truth.

"American Betrayal" shatters the approved histories of an era that begins with FDR’s first inauguration, when “happy days” are supposed to be here again, and ends when we “win” the Cold War. It is here, amid the rubble, where West focuses on the World War II-Cold War deal with the devil in which America surrendered her principles in exchange for a series of big lies, the preservation of which soon became the basis of our leaders’ own self-preservation. It was this moral surrender to deception and self-deception, West argues, that sent us down the long road to moral relativism, “political correctness” and other cultural ills that have left us unable to ask the hard questions: Does our silence on the crimes of communism explain our silence on the totalitarianism of Islam? Is Uncle Sam once again betraying America?

In "American Betrayal," Diana West shakes the historical record to bring down a new understanding of our past, our present and how we have become a nation unable to know truth from lies.

Editorial Reviews

“Diana West masterfully reminds us of what history is for: to suggest action for the present. She paints for us the broad picture of our own long record of failing to recognize bullies and villains. She shows how American denial today reflects a pattern that held strongly in the period of the Soviet Union. She is the Michelangelo of Denial.” – Amity Shlaes, author of "Coolidge" and the New York Times bestseller "The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression"

"This explosive book is a long-needed answer to court histories that continue to obscure key facts about our backstage war with Moscow. Must-reading for serious students of security issues and Cold War deceptions, both foreign and domestic." – M. Stanton Evans, author of "Blacklisted by History"

About the Author

Diana West’s books include "American Betrayal" and “The Death of the Grown-Up.” She also co-authored “Shariah: The Threat to America.” West’s essays have appeared in numerous publications, and her weekly newspaper column is syndicated by Universal Uclick. She is the Washington correspondent for Dispatch International.

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