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Where's the Birth Certificate? - WND.com T-Shirt

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The movement started with a WND outdoor campaign. Now you can make yourself a walking billboard.

Really, just where is that birth certificate already?

You can't just run one off the printer – like our currency or the 2,000-page health care legislation. So where is it?

That question is on more and more minds these days. When you emblazon it over your heart, you're sure to help other folks get it off their chest.

In 100 percent heavy-weight, pre-shrunk cotton, this shirt is as durable as your demand for government accountability.

At only $19.99, it makes good economic sense – unlike the stimulus.

As an expression of free speech, it shows the respect you have for the Constitution – unlike you-know-who.

And it is without question proudly made in the U.S.A. – unlike, well, you get the idea.

For an administration that promised transparency, it becomes clearer every day that this one has something to hide. So follow WND's lead and keep pounding away at the question that the establishment press is too timid – or too in-the-tank – to touch.

The shirt is soft. The message is hard. And the question isn't going away.


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